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Contributions of NewsWatch to the United States

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Contributions of NewsWatch to the United States

There are many Television shows in the United States that provide platforms for education, informative sessions, entertainment, and advertisements. The populations of an audience that a TV shows commands determine the number of companies and individuals who will choose the station for advertisements purposes. The NewsWatch TV show is one the most popular television shows in the United States that has been aired for more than three decades by the AMC and ION Network. Ever since the first episode was aired in the year 1989, the NewsWatch show has produced over 1000 episodes. The show has survived for all these time because it has to capture continent to their audience which they develop from a variety of topics which include products that are new in the market, health and medical discoveries, fashion and consumer & business issues amongst other interesting and trending topics.

Achievements of the NewsWatch TV Show

Throughout the years that AMC and ION Network has aired the NewsWatch show, it has achieved several things that have benefited the two channels, numerous businesses, private investors, the government of the United States and the general public amongst other beneficiaries. Various celebrities have been featured on the show ever since the company was started. Some of the celebrities that have made an appearance on the show include Phil Mickelson, Ted Danson and Brooklyn Decker amongst other celebrities. Some of the achievements that the NewsWatch TV Show has had since 1989 include educating the public on some important issues like how to prevent the spread of some diseases.

Apart from educating the public, many people have revealed their joy after being assisted by the show to achieve some of their personal desires. Examples of a testimony that have been about the achievements of the show include the one that was made by Contour Design. The Contour Design had organized a campaign that was made to market their ergonomic workstation via the internet and television channels. The company’s goal was to attract as many Americans as possible to their firm in order to increase their sales. After using the NewsWatch show they amazed at the way their sales doubled up within a few weeks.

The Ingredient Organo Gold Uses To Revolutionize Red Tea

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 There’s a persistent need to promote health and wellness, and Organo Gold is one of the standout companies that has been following through for a decade. Since 2008, Organo Gold has brought us meaningfully effective beverages that include ingredients with real-world remedies.

Why Embrace This Beverage Reform

We hear a lot about improving our health, but unless you keep up with all the latest medical research, you won’t find many of today’s unique preventive strategies advertised. Just a few years ago, Organo Gold made a bold move to reinvent or perhaps, revoluntionize coffee and teas. The company cleverly complimented these drinks with well-known Chinese herbs. One such herbal remedy is Cordyceps, found in Organo’s red tea.

Cordyceps is the particular name of a well-known fungus with extraordinary characteristics and abilities. Originating from the Asian mountains, it’s been used for hundreds of years because of its therapeutic and healing qualities. In fact, published in the Journal of Pharmacological Sciences, a study concludes that extracts of Cordyceps had anticancer and anti-metastatic actions. Studies have also found that this fungus offers metabolic support and boosts the body’s natural defenses.

One of the benefits of Organo Gold teas is the extract of Cordyceps. It has been used and marketed for just over a decade, and one of Organo’s biggest selling products. Consumers have been increasingly interested in Chinese herbal medicines, and Organo Gold’s founder, Bernardo Chua realized the demand. Growing up in the Philippines, Chua’s upbringing and philosophy included these herbs in daily life. Today, billions of people worldwide now use Chinese herbal medicine as a preventative health tonic, thus one of the reasons Organo followers see the teas and coffees as a way to boost health.

While nearly everyone knows adopting a healthy lifestyle and choosing what you put into your body can impact how you feel, it can be difficult sometimes to change. Organo Gold’s products make it easy for us to change.

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Waiakea Water- Best bottled water brand

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The best-bottled water brand in the United States today is known as Waiakea Water. This brand takes its customers seriously. They ensure that all the details about the process of bottling are in the public domain. The company believes that by ensuring that the quality of water is good, they can convince American to embrace the brand. While it is easy to be duped to buy bottled water, it is good to research before buying any. Some of the brands we see in the market are nothing but tap water placed in a bottle. It is not the best for human consumption since it lacks to take care of the qualities that the human body needs. Quality water should be healthy for the body. It should contain minerals that the body requires.

Waiakea Water is a company that is trying to introduce a new way of doing things in the water industry. This company started operations in 2012 and has been trying to bring effective changes in the industry by ensuring that consumers are getting the best value of their money, by ensuring that the brand of water is safe and of the right quality. When you are buying Waiakea Water, you will know everything from the source to the process used in bottling. All information about this process is available. You do not have to risk your money buying a brand that you have no information about.

Waiakea Water gets its bottled water from the bottom of Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii. As the water comes down the volcano, it is naturally filtered through the layers of rocks. The aquifer used for the bottling process is located far from the urban centers which can affect the quality of water. The water is collected at the source, meaning that it is not affected by anything. As the water comes down the mountain, it collects various minerals. These minerals are essential in determining quality water.

Waiakea water comes at a natural pH of 8.2, meaning that it comes in alkaline form, a factor which determines the quality of water it is.


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Entrepreneur Dick Devos

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While most people know Richard Devos, the founder of Amway, and the Devos family, they may not have realized how many were working in government. The 11th and newest US Education Secretary Betsy Devos was appointed in 2016, and her husband was recently appointed to the Management Advisory Council for the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA put together the council after it was challenged by President Trump to be more innovative. Now the FAA is putting together new policies, regulations, and budgets that will help create more growth in America’s aviation industry.


So why Devos? For one, his business acumen led to the $45 million expansion of Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids. In addition, he has run for governor in past in Michigan, and he has been a firm supporter of aviation education. He co-founded an aviation academy in Grand Rapids with his wife Betsy Devos. Under his leadership, he helped form Grand Action in the 1990s. This committee was responsible for much of the growth in downtown that would raise the city up to new heights and contribute to job growth exponentially.


In 1990, Devos had just come off of working as the Vice President at Amway, leading their global sales to record-breaking heights. Now he wanted to focus his attention helping his hometown. He saw several opportunities being floated, including plans for a sports arena and convention center, but it was away from the downtown business epicenter. Devos had seen what that can do to a city as he had witnessed the collapse of Detroit after the teams left the Pontiac SilverDome.


So, he worked with business leaders to create several points of interest around the central business district. This would include the Devos Performing Arts Center as well as a convention center. The new buildings drove further growth downtown, but Devos wasn’t done just yet. Overall, the Devos Family Foundation contributed over $134 million to projects in education, arts, cultural centers, health organizations, and business growth.


Devos has always liked philanthropy and entrepreneurship. It was one of the reasons that he decided to co-found an aviation academy on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, and it would eventually be why he had more interest in growing the airport. He saw opportunities to expand the airport and make it into a business traveler’s dream destination. It started with one phone call to the CEO of AirTran Airways. Devos asked AirTran if the company would open up new flights. The CEO agreed, and new destinations were added to Orlando, St. Louis, Denver, and Vegas. All of these locations were prime destinations for business travelers.


After two decades, the airport was approved for a $45 million expansion that combined the efforts of Devos and many airlines at the airport. The expansion will be completed in 2018 and will add a new business traveler center and food court area to the airport grounds.


Read http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.

Shafik Sachedina Has Utilized All Of His Skills To Succeed

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As a qualified practitioner of dental surgery, Shafik Sachedina came from a healthcare background. This background has served him well as he went on to co-found highly renowned healthcare and patient care provider Sussex Healthcare.

The Sussex Healthcare was founded alongside fellow co-founder Shiraz Boghani. The two respected businessmen are still the firm’s co-chairmen to date. Sussex Healthcare is an operation that specializes in patient care. Patients are cared for in care homes that the company owns. The types of patients that Sussex Healthcare specializes in range from elderly and disabled patients to those who have issues such as dementia or traumatic brain injury. Under the guidance of Shafik Sachedina, Sussex Healthcare has developed a first-rate reputation within the healthcare industry in England.

Shafik Sachedina is originally from the African nation of Tanzania. When he came to the United Kingdom, he studied dental surgery and earned his qualification in 1975. He worked in that trade for many years but eventually made the decision to take a chance and make a move into the world of healthcare entrepreneurship. It was during this time period that the beginnings of Sussex Healthcare occurred. Shafik had a great amount of help building the company from his colleague and fellow co-founder Shiraz Boghani. Shiraz was a hotel industry expert and he was able to use his unique skill set to help develop a company that has a real patient first attitude.

Shafik Sachedina is also known for his commitment to voluntary service. This is largely due to the influence of his Ismaili heritage. In his Ismaili community, voluntary service is integral and Shafik embraces this fact. He has served in roles such as Head of the Department of Jamati Institutions which does vital work within his community. Other activities include serving as a member with the Institute of Ismaili Studies. Shafik Sachedina’s philanthropic work also extends to work he has done as a member of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International. Shafik Sachedina also credits the values he has learned within his community as being critical in helping him to succeed in life. It is most certainly a huge influencing factor on his work in healthcare as well.

Academy Of Art University Attracts Students

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Kendall Long is a favorite on the show, Bachelor. She is one of the women that Amabile is interested in. He is spending lots of time in her state of California so that he can spend a lot of time with her.

When Kendall Long was younger, she attended the Academy of Art University. She used this schooling to hone her artistic skills and knowledge.

The Academy of Art University is school that takes a lot of pride in what they are able to do for their students. They give them quite a few concentrations to choose from. Since they are able to what it is they want to specialize in, they have a better edge on what they can accomplish when they attend the school.

At the Academy of Art University, students are expected to keep up with their grades. The teachers are knowledgeable and experienced. They give the coursework that they believe will allow their students to gain the most from what they are doing. The instructors expect that their students will apply themselves to the work that they have at hand. It is important to them that they help their students develop good skills with their art and also learn a lot.

The Academy of Art University is proud to offer this type of and education to the people that want it. They are a school that practices good teaching and respect for each other. Students are happy with the education that they receive from the school. Since they are able to gather a tremendous amount of information when they attend the school, they are happy with what they can accomplish when they attend the University.

If a person is interested in the school, they can look it up online. Their website is very informative, and a person will be able to decide if it is for them. Since they will be able to make an informed decision after they look over the website, they can discuss how much it will cost them to attend the University with the staff. Once they know how much, they can make their decision clearly.


Stream Cares, A New Foundation Doing Good

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Stream Energy has been involved in philanthropy for quite some time, but most recently the company launched a new, formal foundation. Stream Cares is a philanthropy foundation that was created with Hurricane Harvey victims in mind, though it will continue to benefit causes throughout the country. In fact, Stream Energy already has strong relationships with Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross. These efforts landed them a feature on Patch.com.

Stream Energy is a leading company in the phenomenon of a business launching a separate branch to carry out their philanthropy efforts. While this is a relatively new trend it seems to be working well for Stream. Stream’s business model is one of direct sales. Its associates work to build a client base and are then paid commission based on those sales. While clean energy is offered, they also offer other products and services such as mobile phones. Because Stream values charity, associates are also encouraged to pick and support a cause.

A cause that Stream and its associates are currently very involved with is homelessness. As the company is Dallas based, associates are in the center of the homeless epidemic in Texas. The 24% increase in homeless sparked a passion to partner with Hope Supply Co. With this company Stream works to provide relief for those in tough situations. Along with meals, diapers and school supplies are also given to homeless children.

Another example of just how important philanthropy is within Stream’s structure can be seen in their work with Operation Once in a Lifetime. Through this organization they support veterans and their families with various outreach events. Most recently a dinner was provided for these individuals, and an event was put on just for the daughters of some of these veteran families. Finding ways to give back has always been an integral part of Stream Energy.


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Malcolm CasSelle Helps Millions To Up Their Game

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Do you like playing online video games? I know I sure do. If you’re like me, you have probably traded items with other players at least once. This means that you have probably used a service from a company called OPSkins.

This seemingly simple and ubiquitous feature is not as simple as it seems. As with any exchange of goods or services, there is an essential need to ensure the security and reliability of the transfer itself. Often, players are exchanging items that they paid real money for, so these digital items represent a real monetary investment. As such, all transactions must be made secure and convenient much like a bank transfer or a Paypal exchange.

That’s where Malcolm CasSelle comes in. He is the inventor of the blockchain driven technology that makes in-game trading possible. Back in the 1980’s when we were all still plugging away on that 8-bit machine, there was absolutely no way to do anything like this. Even well into the 2000’s, online gaming was still mainly for PC gamers. As you may know, the first video game console to include a modem was the Sega Dreamcast, but you could not engage in real trade with real players in real time. We have definitely come a long way.

Malcolm CasSelle learned his craft at MIT, where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science. He also attended Stanford University where he attained a similar degree. Most people would be happy with one degree, but this man went ahead and doubled up because he wanted to be the best. But he still makes time for yoga and meditation.

In a recent interview with Ideamensch.com, Mr. CasSelle describes a disciplined and ascetic life involving a healthy diet and a spiritual regimen. He also goes on to describe how his work with OPSkins led to something much bigger. He recognized that the technology he had created to fulfill this niche purpose had the potential to become a worldwide decentralized marketplace. Certainly, the idea is exciting, and we can hope that Mr. CasSelle and his new company WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange) can succeed in this noble goal.

Find out more about Malcolm CasSelle: https://twitter.com/malcolmcasselle?lang=en

Paul Mampilly Improving Security With Blockchain Technology

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Keeping Identity Theft at Bay

Paul Mampilly believes that by using blockchain technology there can be a curtailment or complete eradication of identity theft. One way this can be accomplished is that persons using the blockchain technology would have their identity decentralized, which means that every transaction would be scattered in different computers throughout the world, which would all verify each of their transaction. In short, blockchain technology doesn’t have a localized or centralized database of information to break into, which is virtually impossible to break into by identity thieves.

Decades of Financial Accomplishments

When speaking of influential forces in the finance world, it would be difficult to leave out the influence of Paul Mampilly. He accomplished some incredible things in his twenty-odd years in financial circles. He was trained with an MBA from Fordham University in 1997. He immediately began work at Bankers Trust, and it was there he trained as an assistant portfolio manager. From Bankers Trust Paul Mampilly continued his career by being employed by several legal firms. Nearly a decade after he began his career on Wall Street he landed a job with Kinetics Asset Management, where he began managing a hedge fund for the $6B company. Who would have known that this early work would lead him to win the Templeton Foundation competition at the height of the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009? Winning such a championship in such a time of economic crises gives a real testimony to his abilities in the financial industry.

Helping Everyday People

Paul Mampilly realized that besides his desire to help the largest corporations on Wall Stree there was another desire he wanted to fulfill in his career, which was to work to help everyday people take hold of their financial goals and help them to accomplish them. As the chief editor for Banyan Publishing he contributes to several newsletters, especially Profits Unlimited, where he offers his well integrated financial wisdom from his twenty years in the industry. Paul Mampilly hopes that his tips and advice give others an advantage to grow and expand their hard earned money and secure their financial future.

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Graeme Holm introduces the personal banker approach

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Graeme Holm is a financial expert and an experienced banker. He is the founder and a director of a company known as Infinity Group Australia. He is classified as an MBA Top 100 Broker in Australia. For 17 years, he was working with different banks before he quit to establish this company.




Infinity Group is all about debt reduction and money management services. Since 2013, they have been offering these services to clients from all over Australia who are interested in securing their future with them.




Graeme Holm started this company so after witnessing the challenges that Australians were going through managing their finances. Through his experience in the banking sector, he observed that many people who were taking loans from the banks lacked basic knowledge of financial management and the banks were not willing to assist them with this.




As a result of lack of knowledge on funds management, many borrowers struggled with loan repayment. They were saving too little that could go into debt reduction. Borrowers took many years before completing loan payment. For instance, it takes up to 30 years for some people to complete a mortgage. This is an extended period considering that there are other responsibilities in life. Borrowers are subjected to paycheck to paycheck life against their will.




Graeme Holm did a research and found the lack of financial support and guidance to be the main cause of these challenges. He decided to create something that would solve the problems. He came up with the idea of Infinity Group Australia which would roll out a financial management approach that would prioritize the needs of the customers first.




Infinity Group Australia would take over financial management once the bank handed over the loan. The aim is to get the borrowers out of debt in the shortest time possible. Instead of paying principal amount plus interest for many years, there are steps one can take to save more that will go to loan repayment.




Graeme Holm introduced the idea of personal bankers. Each client is assigned a personal financial coach to help them plan their financial life. The personal banker is a financial expert who will monitor the budget of the client and recommend adjustments.




Infinity Group Australia operate on the premise that most of the things we spend money on are not necessary at all. These are things we can do without, but we tend to think they are necessary. The personal banker will create a monthly report of the spending one makes and recommend things one can do without.




The idea of personal banker can be compared to a personal gym trainer. It is easier to get the desired body shape when working with a trainer than when working out alone. The results can also be achieved quickly with gym trainer. This is the same case with a personal coach for financial needs. A personal banker will guide you in the right manner and ensure that every coin is used responsibly. Learn more : http://meetgraemeholm.com.au/