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Orange Coast College

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Orange Coast College is a fairly large Community College in Orange County, California. Founded in 1947, it offers various two year associate degrees from 135 different career and academic programs. A benefit of the school’s location, it’s located just minutes away from the beautiful beaches of Southern California. Out of all of the community colleges in California, Orange Coast College transfers the most students than any other college located in Orange County.

Many of these students will go on to attend either UC or CSU. Some will even transfer to a private school in California or to a school outside of California. Over the years, Orange Coast College has sent thousands of students through this process and shows no signs of slowing down.

However, there is something about this school that makes it very special and unique. It’s something other schools couldn’t replicate if they tried. This something is the schools rowing team. Since the school was founded, the rowing team has captured an astounding 11 national titles with the 11th won last year. Learn more about Orange Coast College: https://twitter.com/orangecoast?lang=en and http://www.occsailing.com/

The school has also seen 10 rowers go on to compete in the Olympics and the World Championships. Some people may look at rowing as a very boring or uninteresting sport, disregarding the amount of effort and mental strength it takes to compete at such a level. The whole team has to be in sync with each other for it to work it’s magic, let alone be successful in competition.

What has made the team so successful you ask? Let’s refer back to the famous cliche “practice makes perfect”. The team practices 20 hours a week, 6 days a week starting a 6:30am in the morning.

This takes a tremendous amount of discipline and the drop outs show it. Out of 80 sign ups at the beginning of the season, only 20 are able to make the team. Overall, the team has high expectations. Rowing forces you to go a certain level, a level you won’t experience in other sports. The team’s demonstration of teamwork and dedication has allowed them to get to that next level.


An Insight of the Life of Anthony Petrello; Founder of Nabors Drilling

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Anthony Petrello is the founder of Nabors Drilling where he serves as the president. Anthony is married to his college girlfriend Cynthia Carafa who is a film producer and soap opera actress. Together with Cynthia, they participate actively in philanthropic activities and have funded d the neurological research centre in Texas Children Hospital with a donation of $7 million.


This was inspired by the premature birth of their daughter who suffers from cerebral palsy. According to them, every time their daughter wakes up in the morning and does something as simple as chewing it is a miracle. This gave them an insight into the struggles of parents raising children with a similar condition. The research centre conducts paediatric research in various institutions across the world like Harvard and UCLA. From the research, Anthony concluded that there is need for translational research to make a difference but no one is doing it. He takes note of the fact that there are few brain research centres for adults but none for children and that this is a need that should be met and that there is an opportunity to explore the subject on global scale and more information click here.


Nabors Industries Ltd is based in Hamilton Bermuda currently drills geothermal and natural gas in America, Africa, and the Middle East. Nabors also provides ‘offshore drilling rig servicing’ and ‘onshore well servicing’ in North America. In general, Nabor provides both onshore and offshore drilling services and learn more about Anthony.


Anthony Petrello was elected the executive committee and Board of Directors of Nabors Industries in 1991 and has served as the C.E.O from 1991 to 2011. He has been the chairman of the Executive Committee of the board as from June 2012. Nabors Industries is one of the largest world drilling contracting firms. Anthony is also a director at Texas Children’s Hospital.


According to Anthony’s college roommate, he was a skinny loudmouthed kid with a notable Jersey accent. He was a very jovial student making jokes over lunch break and was very quick to laugh at his own jokes. He believes Anthony still has a remarkable sense of humor and resume him.


More visit: https://twitter.com/tony_petrello

Doug Levitt: The Person Behind ‘The Greyhound Diaries’

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A lot of artists tend to do things and take the paths less traveled to find themselves and their true passions. It helps them think, it helps them feel, and most importantly, it helps them understand, to be able to express their artistic minds better. Doug Levitt is a singer-songwriter who took the path less traveled on a mission of self-discovery – the greyhound path.Traveling only by Greyhounds, Doug Levitt set out on a journey to reconnect with the American society and to try and understand the people and where they come from. When Doug Levitt was trying to figure out a way to get in touch with himself, the road kept calling, and eventually, he gave in. He set out on a journey which has turned into an artistic representation of his way of life.

His thousands of miles have been compiled into music and writing, all of which have been critically acclaimed by people and fans across the world.When Doug Levitt was younger, he traveled a lot and lived in different countries apart from the US, which is what helped him develop a more global perspective. When he came back to the US, he realized that he needed to revisit the American culture in its most natural form once again. But a part of this experience wasn’t to see the glorious part of the American society, but more like the part that is often left behind.

Greyhound buses usually see a lot of offenders and people coming from underprivileged backgrounds. Doug Levitt wanted to see what life was like on the other side and saw the Greyhound as one of the best ways to get across to that stratum of people in society.Doug Levitt performs all over the country, and all of his work is based on his travel experiences. During his performances, he is known to share pictures, memories and also songs about the numerous exciting things that he had stumbled upon on the way to where he currently is. His project ‘The Greyhound Diaries” is one of the most anticipated art projects, which Doug Levitt plans to turn into a web series soon.

Civil, Human, and Migrant Rights

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In recent years the need for migrant and immigrant rights has become more and more prevalent. Immigrants often work very hard to come here, contributing to our society in ways we can’t even imagine. Many of these migrants have moved in order to provide their families a better life, and others have moved because of political or military conflict in their home countries.

In order to preserve their life and culture, migrants sometimes end up working in sub-par conditions but they are too afraid to report any rights violations for fear of legal recourse. They have few rights under the law and fundamental things like healthcare and education are often denied them due to deep-seated attitudes of xenophobia and prejudice. Read more: Jim Larkin | Facebook

Migrants are often stripped of their worker rights, their culture, and their access to freedom and liberty. Not enough is done to help these people, and many are content with turning away and avoiding the issue altogether.

Thankfully, many organizations exist that fight for the rights of migrant workers. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), for example, fights to make sure that the freedoms, liberties, and rights of the United States Constitution apply to all immigrants and migrant workers no matter their status.

The go after anyone that commits civil rights violations against immigrants and their communities. The ACLU also offers news about civil rights violations as well as fundraisers to help raise money to pay for the legal costs of immigrants and others who wish to fight the system. Not only that, but the ACLU also posts news about steps forward towards equal rights for all.

Another organization that is helping to improve the conditions of migrant workers is the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. On October 18, 2007, Maricopa County police took Michael and Jim Larkin from their homes in the middle of the night after revealing grand jury proceedings that sought information on articles that covered the Maricopa County sheriff. Lacey and Larkin sued the country and earned a 3.75 million dollar settlement. They now use this money to fund several migrant rights organization across Arizona.

There is much to be done when it comes to protecting the rights of migrant workers in America. Hopefully, as people become more aware of the infractions against civil rights, there will be a greater call for them to get the respect that they deserve from our society.

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Life Changing Experience-Kabbalah Teachings

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Every individual have something that they believe in; their beliefs may be based on their culture as well as their religion. This knowledge can be taught at home, schools or even temples and mosques. Kabbalah is one of the ancients teachings that is believed it reveals how the earth and life works. The Kabbalah means to receive, and it teaches on how one can get the fulfillments of life.

Kabbalah teaches the universal principals that apply to every individual in the world regardless of their faith, religion, or even their background. The teaching touches all the branches and levels of our lives including health, relationship, and career. The education is described as the technology of the universe that works at the same level. Kabbala is the way people seek life’s total fulfillment. The skills learned in studying Kabbalah, and the tools shared always offer best practice all the results one can feel.

Everyone’s desire is to live a fulfilled life, a life full of happiness and truth. Kabbala teachings provide all these life requirements. It is a tool to not only be learned but also to be used in our day to day lives. The best thing about Kabbala one is not forced to think in a certain way, and the teachings are contained in a book believed to exist since the beginning of time known as the Formation Book.

A center was established to provide the Kabbalah lessons, The Kabbala Center. The Kabbalah center is a non-profitable organization which is based in Los Angles California. The primary purpose of founding the Center was to offer the Zohar teachings. It was founded in 1922 and Rav Yehuda, after the death of Rav Yehuda, Phillip and his wife Karen moved to the United States to establish another Kabbala Center in New York City which was started in 1984 and learn more about Kabbalah.

People have continued to believe in the teachings that have led to the expansion of the Kabbala Center internationally. Currently, the center has offices and teaching centers in Toronto as well as London. Michael and Karen are the current Directors in the United States. Kabbala was established with a mission of providing a platform that will assist students to develop their lives and resume its.

A Top Executive Recruiter: Julie Zuckerberg

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Julie Zuckerberg first hit the finance scene in 2002. when she became the Hiring Manager at Hudson. During her five years with this company she proved to be a true asset. She recruited for both temporary and permanent positions for lawyers, case managers, and paralegals, as well as ancillary staff. She took the time to teach companies how to retain employees. She communicated way to win promotions, and what was a proper working environment. She acted as a bridge between employer and employee. She would help solve issues with hiring for her clients, as well as help prospective employees with work related issues. She also helped file the legal and tax paperwork for Hudson. As much as she enjoyed her position Julie Zuckerberg wanted to move forward in her career. With all her experience she brought her skills to Citi Global Consumer Bank and Citi Global Functions in New York at the end of 2007. Here she would hold the position on Executive Recruiter. Her skills served her well as she provided recruiting services for Managing Director and Director Roles for Citi Global and CitiCards Consumer Marketing. Now she was tell top business heads about compensation trends, hiring strategies, and competitive markets. She led the negotiations and development of complex job offers that involved a variety of hiring issues.


Since early 2014 she has been working with Deutsche Bank as the head of Talent Acquisition and Executive Recruiter. She has brought her talents to this position and been noticed. She earned a promotion to Vice President in a short amount of time. By 2015 Julie Zuckerberg had even more responsibility working with business entrepreneurs in Commercial Clients, Operations, handling of Private Wealth, and Global Technology. She still brings her skills to the company helping with acquisition and recruitment processes.


She manages a team of professional recruiters. She provides them with training and provides them with imperitive directions. They benefit from her experience and talent for bringing in the best variety of talented people.


Julie Zuckerberg isn’t all just work. She also enjoys art and her pets. She is also health conscious and an avid runner. She enjoys sharing what she has learned by writing articles for Mindbodygreen. She also enjoys learning how to cook. While she loves trying recipes that she finds online, she also loves to try to create her own. She loves the feeling of a success after many failed attempts. She also works with a few charitable organizations, providing funds as well as her expertise.


Wild Ark

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Beautiful places around the world are quickly disappearing as a result of deforestation, loss of wildlife and environmental changes, all to make way for more developments, unsustainable hotels, and flashy attractions. But these days, travelers are looking for something unique and eco-friendly, leading to the increasing popularity of what is known as ecotourism.


Ecotourism destinations allow travelers to visit some of the most extreme and spectacular natural wonders of the world, and a chance to get close and personal with nature – not by destroying the environment, but by paying tribute to it. Most often, the money that’s added to an economy by ecotourism is put back into conserving and preserving these natural environments. And that is where Wild Ark comes in.


Wild Ark offers exclusive eco-friendly destinations, sustainable experiences, and adventures of a lifetime to some of the wildest places on earth. Wild Ark conservationists work together to educate people about our planet and how to preserve it. They provide travelers with exciting trips around the globe while they show the beauty of this world with all the wild animals and captivating nature. http://wildark.com/our-story/


  1. Costa Rica


Costa Rica has more than 500 species, which makes it one of the world’s top leaders in ecotourism. It has the highest biodiversity of exotic flora and fauna, forests, secluded beaches, four active volcanoes in its bounds, and thermal hot springs.


  1. Amazon Rainforest


The Amazon Rainforest is the world’s largest tropical rainforest covering parts of Colombia, Peru, Brazil, and other parts of South America, and spreading over 1.4 billion acres. It is home to more than 10 million species of animals and plants including one-third of all the species in the world.


  1. Galapagos Islands


The Galapagos Islands are located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador and have never been connected to the mainland. These volcanic islands are known for unique species such as the Blue-footed Boobies, Albatrosses, Galapagos Penguins, and a diversity of marine life. Tourists can discover the rich nature and wildlife while snorkeling alongside giant tortoises, sea lions, exotic fish, and Marine Iguanas.


  1. Kerala, India


Kerala is a tropical paradise in Southern India, between the Arabian Sea coastline and the lush mountain regions of the Western Ghats. With breathtaking beaches and backwaters, and a 600 km long shoreline filled with palm trees, Kerala has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. Within the forests, you’ll find rare creatures such as Indian elephants, Bengal tigers, rhinos, and leopards, including one of the rarest butterflies in the world – the Travancore Evening Brown.


Our planet has already suffered drastically from climate change and the destruction and invasion of man, but many areas are aiming to change that with ecotourism and Wild Ark promoting the advantage of taking care of our world.