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What Does It Take To Buy Up Brazilian Stocks And Commodities? A Little Knowledge From Igor Cornelsen

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Investing outside the US can certainly be considered a risky prospect if you’re unfamiliar with the country you’re interested in. But some countries actually can bring in high returns to your portfolio and potentially protect your assets if you invest correctly. Igor Cornelsen, a former bank executive and aide to the Brazilian government has told his followers they should research Brazil and look to buy stocks and other commodities on its exchange. He does note that after coming out of some rough economic years from former President Dilma Rousseff, there will be difficulties for foreigners who want to invest heavily in Brazilian corporations. But there are ways to do it if you’re willing to learn the regulations.

Igor Cornelsen says learning about Brazilian banks is a must since they’re heavily involved in trading and currency exchange, and as the banks go, so goes the Brazilian economy. Cornelsen says you also need to know Brazil’s key trading partners and watch what China in particular does. Brazil’s currency has been at low valuation for a while, though Igor Cornelsen said this has been necessary for some time to stabilize its buying power. Most importantly, he says chatting with native Brazilians is important because they are generally helpful when asked about investing and finance.

Igor Cornelsen earned several degrees from a prominent Brazilian university and spent over 20 years in banking administration. He managed several major funds and grew the portfolios of some very high net worth institutional investors, and at the height of his career he helped guide the Brazilian government in economic policy. Cornelsen now spends a lot of time at a vacation home in Miami, but he will blog from time to time on investing trends. Stocks are by far his most recommended investments, but he does mention other funds occasionally.

Kimberly Bakker: Holiday Events Organizing Tips

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Born in San Francisco and grew up in Ross, Marin County, Kimberley graduated from the University of California with a degree in Business. She started her career in an event production high tech firm before venturing into her management firm, Kimberley Bakker Events. Her firm is to date contracted to San Francisco’s sailing regatta.

She has accumulated experience in event organizing, funding planning and public relations of more than 15 years. Also, she is the founding partner of Le Colonial Restaurant. Her unique skill set has enabled her to grasp the workings of the San Francisco government, establishing personal relations with its leadership and the business community.

With the holiday season almost upon us, Kimberley takes time to provide guidelines on how to make a successful, memorable moment out of the festival season. She points out the importance of preparing a list of invitees, creating items lists to be accomplished, and finally the events menu for the big day event. Kimberley suggests several lists to keep you on top of things at any given time and remind you of things to be done at crucial times.

Kimberley points out the importance of being a gracious host through planning for your expected guests. It is vital for you as the host to take control of the event details on a particular day while you remain to enjoy yourself in the meantime. She advises on putting a smile when things seem not to be going to your liking and graciously dealing with the mishaps occurring in an event.

Events bring together people from different backgrounds making for great conversations. You should provide for sitting setups that encourage such conversations and surroundings should be organized to enhance interaction rather than draw attention from the discussions. Avoid competitive activities where strained relations among your guests exists.

Financial Writer Paul Mampilly Says Sales Will Be Robust This Holiday Season

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Former Hedge Fund Manager Paul Mampilly says that with the holidays starting up there will soon be reports out about telling us how much consumers are buying this year. This will be very informative for how the economy is going and which stores people are flocking to.

He has been helping people decide how to invest their money for the past several years. This includes his newsletter Profits Unlimited as well as on Bloomberg TV, Fox News, Hedge Fund Intelligence, CNBC, Kiplinger’s, and Reuters. He thinks that this will be a good holiday season with strong retail sales growth. About two-thirds of America’s gross domestic product is made of the spending by consumers so it’s pretty important.

A lot of holiday shopping is now done online so many brick and mortar stores are not doing all that well. Paul Mampilly says this has resulted in some retail stock doing really well while others have performed terribly. He is expecting the sales growth of online shopping to be around 16 percent which equates to a bit over $17 billion.
Overall sales for the S&P 500 firms are expected to go up by 6 percent in the fourth quarter of 2018. Since 2013 the average quarterly growth has been about 2.4 percent so growth this year should be quite strong. Paul Mampilly says that investing in the S&P 500 during the holiday season is usually a winning bet and more so this year.

Paul Mampilly says that if you just want to invest in online retailers one convenient way of doing so is by using the ProShares Online Retail ETF. He thinks buying into the ETF is a smart move for investors and they will be well-rewarded for doing so.

Everything does seem to be going pretty good for consumers in the United States. Unemployment is at record lows and consumer confidence is up. Deloitte’s research shows that sales this year will likely be up by 5.6 percent while last year it was 5 percent. Deloitte’s figures have sales pegged at $1.1 trillion across American economy.

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Ryan Seacrest – A Man of Many Professional Talents

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American Idol is a popular television series. For nearly a decade, the show dominated its time slot on television. For Fox, the show was a mega hit and cash cow that changed reality TV. It also helped to get live TV in front of an entire generation of new viewers. Add to this the fact that it served as a launching pad for a host of new, popular singers.

Ryan Seacrest had his hand in the mix of American Idol’s popularity. As an entrepreneur, award-winning, and icon in radio and cable television, he involves himself in a diverse mix of entertainment and media companies. His philanthropic efforts have also focused on youth initiatives. As such, he has made a nationwide impact.

On the radio, Ryan Seacrest hosts On Air with Ryan Seacrest. He also co-hosts and is the executive producer of Live with Kelly and Ryan. His philanthropic affiliations also include Chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and his involvement with Seacrest Studios that serve pediatric hospitals.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation enables pediatric patients to explore the world of new media, television, and radio. This type of activity can help in the healing process of patients. Families and children can benefit tremendously from the programs. Patients, students, in the program can also gain firsthand experience through an internship program and learn programming and how to operate a multimedia center.

There are well-documented instances of how “hope” can help heal the sick. A change in a person’s mindset can alter the brain’s neurochemistry. Hope can affect physiological processes that relate to motor function, circulation, and respiration as well. Radio show host Ryan Seacrest is a busy man. No doubt, he is on the move 24 hours a day. Ryan Seacrest is also riding the waves of his own popularity. A person in his social position can do a lot of good.

Helpful source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/12/fashion/mens-style/ryan-seacrest-works-out.html

Helping The World Through Insight And Philanthropy Is Jason Hope

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Jason Hope is a holder of several degrees from the Arizona region of the United States. Today, Jason lives in Scottsdale and has a degree in finance as well as his masters in business administration. Jason earned his degree in finance from the University of Arizona and his business degree from the Carey School of Business.

Above all else, Jason Hope is known as a philanthropist, futurist, and businessman. His primary focus is the field of technology, especially biotech startups. Today, Jason even travels around the local area to teach students at different schools and provide them with opportunities for grant programs.

Jason has been a huge contributor to the SENS Foundation or the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research Foundation. This non-profit organization is focused on the medical industry and is constantly researching regenerative medicine as well as anti-aging. Home to California, SENS was founded by four like-minded individuals looking to improve the healthcare industry and make an impact on peoples lives worldwide. Since 2009, Jason Hope has brought more than 500,000 dollars to the organization.

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The primary focus for anti-aging is to help patients with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. Jason has a huge interest in biotechnology, which is the fuel to his passion for SNES. Medicine is capable of helping mankind improve as a whole. People can not only live longer lives but overcome their diseases with better medical technology.

As a futurist, Jason Hope is very intrigued to see what the Internet of things holds. This trend sees that technology will be much more controlled in the future, with smart technology being able to control everything in the home from a single device, or even devices calling for handymen or mechanics when they break down. Jason is most interested in the biometrics and fitness monitoring sit of smart technology since it will help many people live better lives.

Peter Briger: Enhancing Operational Efficiency is Key to Growth of the Company

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Any person who occupies a leadership position in any organization is aware that it is through their skills, knowledge, and competence that the company will be able to achieve their goals and objectives. Peter Briger is aware that Fortress Investment Group depends on him so that it can be able to operate efficiently and effectively in a competitive industry that has forced a significant number of companies to close down their operations due to financial distress.

However, Peter Briger makes sure that Fortress Investment Group does not face the challenges that other organizations face in the industry. There are multiple challenges that vulnerable financial organizations experience, which not only limit their growth but limit their capacity to attract customers to the organization. Most of the companies that have experienced significant challenges have not been able to expand and have only remained dormant in a period where other organizations have been expanding exponentially.

One of the challenges that Peter Briger has been trying to minimize or eradicate in Fortress Investment Group is operational challenges. It is common knowledge that most of the organizations operating in the financial industry experience extreme operational problems, which has caused some of the organizations to experience severe losses. Most of the companies don’t have a clear chain of command or authority, especially the one that highlights the person in charge of making decisions and taking responsibilities.

It has been witnessed in most financial organizations, especially in small entities that most companies find it difficult to have a streamlined process that dictates how decisions should be made with the aim of enabling the company to move fast and keep in touch with other organizations in the same industry. Surprisingly, these small organizations have leadership that has not been able to help the organization to accomplish its goals.

Peter Briger has always ensured that decisions are made by the most appropriate person in the company. This makes it easy for the decision maker to be accountable and responsible for their choices. This strategy has helped Fortress Investment Group to be in a position of making quick and smart decisions that have enabled it to remain ahead of the pack.

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Contributions of NewsWatch to the United States

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Contributions of NewsWatch to the United States

There are many Television shows in the United States that provide platforms for education, informative sessions, entertainment, and advertisements. The populations of an audience that a TV shows commands determine the number of companies and individuals who will choose the station for advertisements purposes. The NewsWatch TV show is one the most popular television shows in the United States that has been aired for more than three decades by the AMC and ION Network. Ever since the first episode was aired in the year 1989, the NewsWatch show has produced over 1000 episodes. The show has survived for all these time because it has to capture continent to their audience which they develop from a variety of topics which include products that are new in the market, health and medical discoveries, fashion and consumer & business issues amongst other interesting and trending topics.

Achievements of the NewsWatch TV Show

Throughout the years that AMC and ION Network has aired the NewsWatch show, it has achieved several things that have benefited the two channels, numerous businesses, private investors, the government of the United States and the general public amongst other beneficiaries. Various celebrities have been featured on the show ever since the company was started. Some of the celebrities that have made an appearance on the show include Phil Mickelson, Ted Danson and Brooklyn Decker amongst other celebrities. Some of the achievements that the NewsWatch TV Show has had since 1989 include educating the public on some important issues like how to prevent the spread of some diseases.

Apart from educating the public, many people have revealed their joy after being assisted by the show to achieve some of their personal desires. Examples of a testimony that have been about the achievements of the show include the one that was made by Contour Design. The Contour Design had organized a campaign that was made to market their ergonomic workstation via the internet and television channels. The company’s goal was to attract as many Americans as possible to their firm in order to increase their sales. After using the NewsWatch show they amazed at the way their sales doubled up within a few weeks.

The Ingredient Organo Gold Uses To Revolutionize Red Tea

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 There’s a persistent need to promote health and wellness, and Organo Gold is one of the standout companies that has been following through for a decade. Since 2008, Organo Gold has brought us meaningfully effective beverages that include ingredients with real-world remedies.

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Why Embrace This Beverage Reform

We hear a lot about improving our health, but unless you keep up with all the latest medical research, you won’t find many of today’s unique preventive strategies advertised. Just a few years ago, Organo Gold made a bold move to reinvent or perhaps, revoluntionize coffee and teas. The company cleverly complimented these drinks with well-known Chinese herbs. One such herbal remedy is Cordyceps, found in Organo’s red tea.

Cordyceps is the particular name of a well-known fungus with extraordinary characteristics and abilities. Originating from the Asian mountains, it’s been used for hundreds of years because of its therapeutic and healing qualities. In fact, published in the Journal of Pharmacological Sciences, a study concludes that extracts of Cordyceps had anticancer and anti-metastatic actions. Studies have also found that this fungus offers metabolic support and boosts the body’s natural defenses.

One of the benefits of Organo Gold teas is the extract of Cordyceps. It has been used and marketed for just over a decade, and one of Organo’s biggest selling products. Consumers have been increasingly interested in Chinese herbal medicines, and Organo Gold’s founder, Bernardo Chua realized the demand. Growing up in the Philippines, Chua’s upbringing and philosophy included these herbs in daily life. Today, billions of people worldwide now use Chinese herbal medicine as a preventative health tonic, thus one of the reasons Organo followers see the teas and coffees as a way to boost health.

While nearly everyone knows adopting a healthy lifestyle and choosing what you put into your body can impact how you feel, it can be difficult sometimes to change. Organo Gold’s products make it easy for us to change.

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Waiakea Water- Best bottled water brand

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The best-bottled water brand in the United States today is known as Waiakea Water. This brand takes its customers seriously. They ensure that all the details about the process of bottling are in the public domain. The company believes that by ensuring that the quality of water is good, they can convince American to embrace the brand. While it is easy to be duped to buy bottled water, it is good to research before buying any. Some of the brands we see in the market are nothing but tap water placed in a bottle. It is not the best for human consumption since it lacks to take care of the qualities that the human body needs. Quality water should be healthy for the body. It should contain minerals that the body requires.

Waiakea Water is a company that is trying to introduce a new way of doing things in the water industry. This company started operations in 2012 and has been trying to bring effective changes in the industry by ensuring that consumers are getting the best value of their money, by ensuring that the brand of water is safe and of the right quality. When you are buying Waiakea Water, you will know everything from the source to the process used in bottling. All information about this process is available. You do not have to risk your money buying a brand that you have no information about.

Waiakea Water gets its bottled water from the bottom of Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii. As the water comes down the volcano, it is naturally filtered through the layers of rocks. The aquifer used for the bottling process is located far from the urban centers which can affect the quality of water. The water is collected at the source, meaning that it is not affected by anything. As the water comes down the mountain, it collects various minerals. These minerals are essential in determining quality water.

Waiakea water comes at a natural pH of 8.2, meaning that it comes in alkaline form, a factor which determines the quality of water it is.


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Entrepreneur Dick Devos

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While most people know Richard Devos, the founder of Amway, and the Devos family, they may not have realized how many were working in government. The 11th and newest US Education Secretary Betsy Devos was appointed in 2016, and her husband was recently appointed to the Management Advisory Council for the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA put together the council after it was challenged by President Trump to be more innovative. Now the FAA is putting together new policies, regulations, and budgets that will help create more growth in America’s aviation industry.


So why Devos? For one, his business acumen led to the $45 million expansion of Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids. In addition, he has run for governor in past in Michigan, and he has been a firm supporter of aviation education. He co-founded an aviation academy in Grand Rapids with his wife Betsy Devos. Under his leadership, he helped form Grand Action in the 1990s. This committee was responsible for much of the growth in downtown that would raise the city up to new heights and contribute to job growth exponentially.


In 1990, Devos had just come off of working as the Vice President at Amway, leading their global sales to record-breaking heights. Now he wanted to focus his attention helping his hometown. He saw several opportunities being floated, including plans for a sports arena and convention center, but it was away from the downtown business epicenter. Devos had seen what that can do to a city as he had witnessed the collapse of Detroit after the teams left the Pontiac SilverDome.


So, he worked with business leaders to create several points of interest around the central business district. This would include the Devos Performing Arts Center as well as a convention center. The new buildings drove further growth downtown, but Devos wasn’t done just yet. Overall, the Devos Family Foundation contributed over $134 million to projects in education, arts, cultural centers, health organizations, and business growth.


Devos has always liked philanthropy and entrepreneurship. It was one of the reasons that he decided to co-found an aviation academy on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, and it would eventually be why he had more interest in growing the airport. He saw opportunities to expand the airport and make it into a business traveler’s dream destination. It started with one phone call to the CEO of AirTran Airways. Devos asked AirTran if the company would open up new flights. The CEO agreed, and new destinations were added to Orlando, St. Louis, Denver, and Vegas. All of these locations were prime destinations for business travelers.


After two decades, the airport was approved for a $45 million expansion that combined the efforts of Devos and many airlines at the airport. The expansion will be completed in 2018 and will add a new business traveler center and food court area to the airport grounds.


Read http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.