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James Larkin

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James Larkin commonly referred to as Jim was born on 21st January 1876 to Irish parents in Liverpool England. Larkin was an Irish trade unionist and a social activist. Larkin grew up in Poverty thus was not able to get a good formal education.

As a result, Jim Larkin began doing a variety of jobs while he was still at a very tender age to help supplement the family income. Larkin at the age of fourteen lost his father and was required to fill his dad position at the firm he worked.

Larkin worked at the firm and was dismissed after serving for two years. Larkin then began working as a sailor and a docker, and by 1903 he rose through the ranks to become the dock foreman. The same year Larkin got married to his longtime girlfriend, Elizabeth Brown.

Larkin in 1983 develop an interest in socialism and as a result became a member of the Independent Labor Party. In 1905 Larkin was among the ringleaders who organized the Liverpool dock strike an event that saw him lose his job as a foreman.

They say when one door closes another one opens and Larkin’s having performed exemplary in the strike impressed the National Union of Dock Laborers and was appointed the union temporary organizer. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

By 1906 Larkin had gained a permanent position in the union and was sent to Scotland to represent the Union. While at Scotland Larkin was able to organize workers in Preston and Glasgow successfully.

In January of 1907 was sent to represent NUDL in Belfast and within weeks he was able to recruit over 400 new members into the Union.

Larkin was later sent to Dublin to help organize the casual and unskilled workers of the docks, and after a year he had recruited more than 2700 workers into the Union.

In Dublin Larkin organized three major strikes and as a result, NUDL became more concerned about the costs the strikes incurred. This would lead to his suspension on 7th December 1908.

Larkin after being suspended decided to form his trade union and established the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU) which turned out to be one of the largest Irish trade movement.

Doug Levitt: The Person Behind ‘The Greyhound Diaries’

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A lot of artists tend to do things and take the paths less traveled to find themselves and their true passions. It helps them think, it helps them feel, and most importantly, it helps them understand, to be able to express their artistic minds better. Doug Levitt is a singer-songwriter who took the path less traveled on a mission of self-discovery – the greyhound path.Traveling only by Greyhounds, Doug Levitt set out on a journey to reconnect with the American society and to try and understand the people and where they come from. When Doug Levitt was trying to figure out a way to get in touch with himself, the road kept calling, and eventually, he gave in. He set out on a journey which has turned into an artistic representation of his way of life.

His thousands of miles have been compiled into music and writing, all of which have been critically acclaimed by people and fans across the world.When Doug Levitt was younger, he traveled a lot and lived in different countries apart from the US, which is what helped him develop a more global perspective. When he came back to the US, he realized that he needed to revisit the American culture in its most natural form once again. But a part of this experience wasn’t to see the glorious part of the American society, but more like the part that is often left behind.

Greyhound buses usually see a lot of offenders and people coming from underprivileged backgrounds. Doug Levitt wanted to see what life was like on the other side and saw the Greyhound as one of the best ways to get across to that stratum of people in society.Doug Levitt performs all over the country, and all of his work is based on his travel experiences. During his performances, he is known to share pictures, memories and also songs about the numerous exciting things that he had stumbled upon on the way to where he currently is. His project ‘The Greyhound Diaries” is one of the most anticipated art projects, which Doug Levitt plans to turn into a web series soon.

Meet Patty Rockage- A Family Therapist and a Dedicated Spouse

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Patty Rockage is a known family and marriage therapist in Boston, Massachusetts. She has been a therapist for approximately twenty years. Patty graduated from USC with a degree in psychology in 1981. She offers her warm therapeutic services to different personalities, couples, and families undergoing various life struggles. Patty Rockage also has other valuable skills including public speaking, coaching, team building, community outreach, and teaching that have further assisted the people she counsels.

Patty Rockage is a dedicated and loving wife to Scott Rocklage. The two recently made a charitable donation to help with the renovation of Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry lab in 2016. Scott Rockage is a successful chemist who graduated with a Ph.D. from MIT under Richard R, Schrock, a Nobel Prize winner. To appreciate their gesture, the University is honoring the two by displaying their Plaque on the new set of laboratories.

Patty and her husband’s benevolent actions towards education depicts an invaluable example that successful individuals need to give part of their earnings to ensure that learning institutions serve its objective of bettering the lives of others; hence, making the universe an ideal place to exist and learn more about Patty.

Patty and Scott decided to renovate several rooms in their house, and they had the idea of hiring several sub-contractors to work on the project. But after the visited Sudbury Companies Design Center, they meet ED Freedlender who expressed that he could single-handedly renovate their entire house. They were somewhat doubtful on the capability of Ed and his team but decided to give it a try. Luckily, Ed and his team delivered, and Patty and her husband were stunned with the outcome just as others had been before them and more information click here.

Scott Rocklage expressed that Sudbury Company managed to design and remodel the kitchen and the entry area. Additionally, they also constructed a beautiful farmer’s porch with an enclosed outer deck that had extra living space. The couple exclaimed that it was not easy to find a company that can undertake an entire house renovation and completes it in a timely fashion while causing little disruption to the individuals in that home. For this reason, the project became a feature in the Contractor’s website.

Thor Halvorssen Turns Politically Slanted Interview Into Discussion Of Human Rights

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You may not think about it very much but there are a lot of countries that violate human rights around the world. These countries include Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Angola. Each of these countries has a vicious authoritarian dictator that exploit their own people with unchecked, unbalanced, unilateral powers. The people who lead these are evil and Thor Halvorssen (Imdb) wants you to know that.

Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation and he has become a world famous advocate for the victims of political crimes. Once he sets his sights on a dictator he will stop at nothing to expose the corruption and bring them down. That’s why he seemed a little out of place during a recent Fox News segment. Fox News was trying to talk about the evils of socialism and it seems that Thor Halvorssen was there to talk about human rights violations. The news network tried to merge the two subjects by asking him why socialism violates human rights. Mr Halvorssen then had to go on the defensive.

He eloquently explained that people use socialism to violate human rights. The existence of a socialist government does not mean that human rights are being violated, and used positive examples such as the Nordic countries of Finland, Norway and Sweden. It almost looks as if the anchor believed that she would get a straight answer — socialism is bad — from Thor Halvorssen. Instead, she got the surprise of a lifetime.

It turns out that Thor Halvorssen is a Bernie Sanders supporter. The segment aimed to take down Bernie Sanders and Thor Halvorssen turned it into a discussion on dictators and human rights violations. He came to support the Senator from Vermont as president because of his record as a defender of human rights. All the other candidates, he pointed out, on both sides of the aisle support dictatorships around the planet by taking donations from them or publicly supporting their actions.