Skout is a globally based platform that has been praised to be one of the fastest growing social apps that has been created. Skout has been specifically designed to bring people together from all parts of the world for the purpose of meeting new and diverse people who come from all over the world. The founders of Skout are happy of the hard work that has been put into this app and has every intention of increasing the number of users to be in the billions within the next five years. With over a 100 million users using this innovative app, the global app has attracted not only investors, but also individuals looking to find new people to talk to or hangout with.

Skout has become one of the leading social apps that is used for the purpose of getting to know other people with a diverse background. Skout is an app that can be used on the mobile or even on a desktop that can be used for many different purposes. Skout can be used to meet and chat with new people, it can be used as a dating app, and the app can be used to make new friends by finding people with a common interest.

One of the best features of Skout is the fact that is has a vibrant community that is currently being used in over 180 different countries and even provides the app with over 16 different language options. People from all over the world can learn about other people’s interests, dislikes, as well as culture. Skout has been able to expand so quickly due to the fun icebreakers that Skout has also created that link people together based upon fun surveys.

One of features that makes Skout an addictive app to use is the shake feature. All one has to do is shake the app and this randomly selects an individual to talk to from another place in the world. After shaking the app, and a paired match can chat with each other and look at the profiles of each person. This new in addictive way of meeting new people breaks down barriers and the intimidation of meeting new people.