Investing outside the US can certainly be considered a risky prospect if you’re unfamiliar with the country you’re interested in. But some countries actually can bring in high returns to your portfolio and potentially protect your assets if you invest correctly. Igor Cornelsen, a former bank executive and aide to the Brazilian government has told his followers they should research Brazil and look to buy stocks and other commodities on its exchange. He does note that after coming out of some rough economic years from former President Dilma Rousseff, there will be difficulties for foreigners who want to invest heavily in Brazilian corporations. But there are ways to do it if you’re willing to learn the regulations.

Igor Cornelsen says learning about Brazilian banks is a must since they’re heavily involved in trading and currency exchange, and as the banks go, so goes the Brazilian economy. Cornelsen says you also need to know Brazil’s key trading partners and watch what China in particular does. Brazil’s currency has been at low valuation for a while, though Igor Cornelsen said this has been necessary for some time to stabilize its buying power. Most importantly, he says chatting with native Brazilians is important because they are generally helpful when asked about investing and finance.

Igor Cornelsen earned several degrees from a prominent Brazilian university and spent over 20 years in banking administration. He managed several major funds and grew the portfolios of some very high net worth institutional investors, and at the height of his career he helped guide the Brazilian government in economic policy. Cornelsen now spends a lot of time at a vacation home in Miami, but he will blog from time to time on investing trends. Stocks are by far his most recommended investments, but he does mention other funds occasionally.