It’s quite easy today, to accumulate a lot of makeup that you rarely wear. Summertime is the right time to reduce your beauty items down to the one’s that will serve your beauty look the best. Often, the seasonal change brings about a change in the way that women wear their makeup and dress. In this article we will take a look at the hottest summer beauty trends making the rounds. Remember, it does not mean to dump all your makeup collection. Instead, stick to a few pieces. For example, the items that are included here.

Matte Lips

Matte lips are very sexy and one of the hottest trends this summer. Actually, matte lips are very trendy just about any time of the year. Lime Crime was one of the first online beauty companies to jump on this trend with their sultry Velvetines Matte lipstick. The story goes that the lipstick was inspired by the color of fragrant rose petals. The Lime Crime Velvetines Matte Lipstick is available in a wide range of colors. For example, Scandal is a rich and velvety purple color. Purple is one of the most popular and trending colors in the matte lipsticks. Lime Crime’s Scandal, Faded, and Fetish should definitely capture that purple trend.

Dramatic Eyes

Lime Crime fans agree that more of any eyeliner is always better. Lime Crime fans are the first to add drama to their eyes with a dramatic eyeliner that is part of the Lime Crime product line. Just the right eyeliner makes it super easy to create the perfect cat eye or winged tip eye that is a big beauty trend happening in makeup today. Liquid eyeliners are the best to create the dramatic looks. For example, the Lime Crime Quill Liquid Liner in jet black is totally vegan, last for hours, and is packaged with a precision brush that controls the amount of liner applied.