Kevin Seawright began his ascent into greatness when he first chose to pursue a career in a the governmental businesses of Baltimore when he first went on to take on the important position of Managing Fiscal Officer for the City of Baltimore back in the first month of 2001 where he stayed for a year before beginning his quick succession into numerous exciting and important roles in the governmental world.

Crunchbase revealed that taking up his first promotion in the January of 2002, Kevin Seawright moved on up to become the Payroll Director over the City of Baltimore before being raised yet again to another new and exciting position when he took on the role as the City of Baltimore’s Finance director over the Baltimore City Department of Housing sect of politics.

Not one to remain in the same place for long, in October of 2003 he took on the responsibilities as the Chief Financial Officer over the Baltimore City Department of Recreations and Parks before moving on again in the December of the year 2015 when he became the Vice President as well as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer over Baltimore City Government where he stood with pride for the following five and a half years before moving on to new adventures when her joined the team at Tito Contractors in the March of 2011 in hopes of quenching a curiosity that had become of him which wondered how he might do in other scenarios other than politics.

After two years working with Tito Contractors as their Vice President of Operations Kevin Seawright decided it was time to find a place where he could have the opportunity to help more people with his life, so he joined in on the team at Collington Episcopal Life Care Community as the Executive Director of Operations.

Leaving the group to take on a place as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer over the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation before becoming the Managing Partner of Chief Operating Officer over the RPS Solutions LLC in the January of 2015 where he currently embodies true greatness.

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