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Bumble: New Dating Website

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Whitney Wolf Herd started planning an October launch party at the Four Seasons restaurant in Manhattan where people are known for having a power lunch. The 28-year old Herd has changed dating dynamics through letting women make the first move. Bumble now has 22 million registered users. Bumble has made 100 million sales this year on hyperlocal, tailored advertising. Herd wants to solve a personal struggle as her definition of finding success while approaching the problem from a female perspective. Bumble is a new network that is not a dating app but a social network for people you don’t know. BumbleDating, Friends Bumble bFF and Bumble Biz. Bumble is trying to create equality by letting women make the first move.

Herd believes in listening to this generation of women and older women who want to use the platform. People do not like change. Herd states that anything worth fighting for is not going to be easy. Even in an age where 90% of all start-ups fail but Bumble users pay $9.99 for a monthly subscription to perks like deciding who deserves a message. Herd wanted to have a network focusing on positivity, such as who the person is instead. Herd has a talent for marketing and branding. The team at Bumble was able to build new technologies that support subscriptions.

Bumbles’ unique perspective is to make sure that the girl has the guy’s phone number but the guy doesn’t have the girl’s number. She allows women to make the first move but if they don’t, the match disappears in 24 hours. Women who work for Bumble understand the target market because they are in it. Bumble has an office covered in balloons and maintains 70 employees, 85% of which are women. Neon signs at the office say things like “You’re a Queen Bee,” “Be the CEO Your Parents Always Wanted You to Marry” and “Make the First Move.” Part of Bumbles’ design is to let women make the first move or the connection is lost in cyberspace. Women don’t always have to say they are looking for love, but rather friendship and career connections. To date, 3 million users have tried Bumble but just 500,000 are active in a typical month. Herd has a long way to go to change online dating but the revolution begins.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/whitney-wolfe-1791a299

Paul Mampilly’s Views on Amazon’s Interests in the Healthcare Market

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Amazon made its debut in the lucrative e-commerce business as an online bookstore back in 1997. Back then, the publicly-traded company had a stock price of $18. Today, Amazon has expanded into businesses such as movie streaming, music streaming, and merchandise. Its most recent investment interests were in healthcare stocks. Listed below are insights of Paul Mampilly, an investor, regarding Amazon’s interest in healthcare stocks.

Mampilly reported that the stocks that Amazon is targeting are dividend-paying stocks. Amazon’s eyes are also set explicitly on prescription drugs. Mampilly noted that prescription drugs usually undergo some transactions before being availed in pharmacies. The drugs’ wholesale and list prices are first calculated by manufacturers after their market approval.

The retail process for availing prescription drugs to the consumers is aimed at making middlemen rich. This is because the middlemen act as links between manufacturers and pharmacies. Amazon is targeting pharmacies that lack transparency in their costs and rebates chain. Fostering transparency in these pharmacies will increase the money that middlemen earn and lower the price of stocks, and more information click here.

Potential investors will likely be attracted by the low prices in shares as Amazon penetrates the healthcare market. Paul Mampilly believes that these low-priced stocks pose great risks to investors. According to him, the only advantage of Amazon’s investment is that the prices of prescription drugs are expected to be cheaper as the e-commerce company ventures in the healthcare market.


I recorded a video that answers questions my subscribers sent in on Facebook. You can watch the video here: https://t.co/JXcGafkoqP

— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) September 22, 2017

About Paul Mampilly

As a writer on investment matters, Paul Mampilly uses Banyan Hill Publishing’s platform to express his ideas to his readers. Mampilly’s insights on investment are availed through Profits Unlimited, a newsletter, which is published by Banyan Hill Publishing. His insights are inspired by his several years of experience in the hedge fund industry. Mampilly made a name for himself in the world of investing after he took part in Templeton Foundation’s competition and based an award. The reason he won was that he used $50 million to invest in a venture that progressively grew due to having a value of $88 million, and Twitter.com.

Paul Mampilly served in different capacities at world-renowned corporations like the Kinetics International Fund and Deutsch Bank. Mampilly officially retired from the corporate world at 42 years. He wanted to spend the rest of his years giving people investment advice and spending time with his adorable family. Mampilly has appeared on consultative talk shows of Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, and Fox Business News. He also relies on his social media profiles to share his knowledge.

Forex According to the Great Greg Secker

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With wage growth at a stand still, inflation continuing to rise, and interest rates nearing all-time lows, expert Greg Secker says now is the opportune time for investors to consider adding forex (or the foreign exchange market) to their investment portfolios.


Secker recommends forex for even complete beginners to the trading market— one of forex’s top appeals is that it doesn’t require large investments. Forex is a great starting place for anyone that doesn’t have the time to interpret charts or learn complex trading. Because foreign exchange is a global marketplace, it is always accessible, and follows global trends. The best route of action is to start in the UK forex market to avoid inflation rates decreasing the US dollar’s value. This allows you to avoid being taxed on your new income as well!


The most important thing Secker says to keep in mind is that forex is only unsafe if you move forward with an unskilled strategy. Employ the numerous software programs that were engineered to help you along the way. Lastly, always pay attention to your forex indicator— which will mean something different to each individual. A common forex indicator is the Exponential Moving Average, which enables forex traders to compare two EMAs to conclude if pricing is moving up or down. With tips from the master entrepreneur Greg Secker himself, anyone can learn to diversify their finances into forex in a breeze.


But just who is the mastermind behind this sudden feasibility? Greg Secker is an entrepreneur, whose successes have also led him to dabble in philanthropy and international speaking. Owner of software Learn to Trade and Capital Index, he has changed the financial lives of millions. The Greg Seckler Foundation is his passion project, devoted to improving the lives of people in communities around the world.


Greg made himself a millionaire by his midtwenties– he now devotes his life towards helping others achieve the same greatness. By equipping the world with the tools they need, he is helping people everywhere learn to achieve greatness through financial freedom and success.