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Kimberly Bakker: Holiday Events Organizing Tips

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Born in San Francisco and grew up in Ross, Marin County, Kimberley graduated from the University of California with a degree in Business. She started her career in an event production high tech firm before venturing into her management firm, Kimberley Bakker Events. Her firm is to date contracted to San Francisco’s sailing regatta.

She has accumulated experience in event organizing, funding planning and public relations of more than 15 years. Also, she is the founding partner of Le Colonial Restaurant. Her unique skill set has enabled her to grasp the workings of the San Francisco government, establishing personal relations with its leadership and the business community.

With the holiday season almost upon us, Kimberley takes time to provide guidelines on how to make a successful, memorable moment out of the festival season. She points out the importance of preparing a list of invitees, creating items lists to be accomplished, and finally the events menu for the big day event. Kimberley suggests several lists to keep you on top of things at any given time and remind you of things to be done at crucial times.

Kimberley points out the importance of being a gracious host through planning for your expected guests. It is vital for you as the host to take control of the event details on a particular day while you remain to enjoy yourself in the meantime. She advises on putting a smile when things seem not to be going to your liking and graciously dealing with the mishaps occurring in an event.

Events bring together people from different backgrounds making for great conversations. You should provide for sitting setups that encourage such conversations and surroundings should be organized to enhance interaction rather than draw attention from the discussions. Avoid competitive activities where strained relations among your guests exists.

Waiakea Water- Best bottled water brand

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The best-bottled water brand in the United States today is known as Waiakea Water. This brand takes its customers seriously. They ensure that all the details about the process of bottling are in the public domain. The company believes that by ensuring that the quality of water is good, they can convince American to embrace the brand. While it is easy to be duped to buy bottled water, it is good to research before buying any. Some of the brands we see in the market are nothing but tap water placed in a bottle. It is not the best for human consumption since it lacks to take care of the qualities that the human body needs. Quality water should be healthy for the body. It should contain minerals that the body requires.

Waiakea Water is a company that is trying to introduce a new way of doing things in the water industry. This company started operations in 2012 and has been trying to bring effective changes in the industry by ensuring that consumers are getting the best value of their money, by ensuring that the brand of water is safe and of the right quality. When you are buying Waiakea Water, you will know everything from the source to the process used in bottling. All information about this process is available. You do not have to risk your money buying a brand that you have no information about.

Waiakea Water gets its bottled water from the bottom of Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii. As the water comes down the volcano, it is naturally filtered through the layers of rocks. The aquifer used for the bottling process is located far from the urban centers which can affect the quality of water. The water is collected at the source, meaning that it is not affected by anything. As the water comes down the mountain, it collects various minerals. These minerals are essential in determining quality water.

Waiakea water comes at a natural pH of 8.2, meaning that it comes in alkaline form, a factor which determines the quality of water it is.


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