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US Money Reserve Penny Protocol

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U.S. Money Reserve president Philip Diehl recently did an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box and explained why he felt the penny was more trouble than it’s worth and why he feels production should be discontinued on it.
“Nobody uses the penny anymore, I mean if you bend down and pick it up off the street, you’ll be getting paid less than minimum wage for your trouble. So most people just pass it up.”

The problem Diehl feels is that it costs more to produce than it’s actually worth, and he believes that the US Mint could save 10s of millions of dollars by eliminating pennies. Another reason he feels the penny is becoming obsolete is because the surge in electronic transactions as opposed to cash.

“The reality is”, he states, “that about 25 percent of all transactions are now in cash. The other 75 is in electronic forms of one type or another.”

He also said that usually the arguments about increased inflation come mostly from the penny lobby groups and that he feels that increased competition in the markets, would actually cause companies to not increase the price. In fact he thinks prices may be lowered. Or in his own words, “Why would you irritate a customer over a penny?”

The interviewer went on to say that while there may be some costs savings in eliminating the penny, he asked about eliminating the nickel as well. Diehl stated that the nickel was a different animal and that it’s “composition could be changed to make it more profitable.”

He went on to say that the main reason the penny was still being kept around is because of private interest groups that are responsible for printing the blanks, the zinc industry, and the Illinois congressional delegation due to Abraham Lincoln’s image being stamped on it.

Thor Halvorssen Turns Politically Slanted Interview Into Discussion Of Human Rights

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You may not think about it very much but there are a lot of countries that violate human rights around the world. These countries include Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Angola. Each of these countries has a vicious authoritarian dictator that exploit their own people with unchecked, unbalanced, unilateral powers. The people who lead these are evil and Thor Halvorssen (Imdb) wants you to know that.

Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation and he has become a world famous advocate for the victims of political crimes. Once he sets his sights on a dictator he will stop at nothing to expose the corruption and bring them down. That’s why he seemed a little out of place during a recent Fox News segment. Fox News was trying to talk about the evils of socialism and it seems that Thor Halvorssen was there to talk about human rights violations. The news network tried to merge the two subjects by asking him why socialism violates human rights. Mr Halvorssen then had to go on the defensive.

He eloquently explained that people use socialism to violate human rights. The existence of a socialist government does not mean that human rights are being violated, and used positive examples such as the Nordic countries of Finland, Norway and Sweden. It almost looks as if the anchor believed that she would get a straight answer — socialism is bad — from Thor Halvorssen. Instead, she got the surprise of a lifetime.

It turns out that Thor Halvorssen is a Bernie Sanders supporter. The segment aimed to take down Bernie Sanders and Thor Halvorssen turned it into a discussion on dictators and human rights violations. He came to support the Senator from Vermont as president because of his record as a defender of human rights. All the other candidates, he pointed out, on both sides of the aisle support dictatorships around the planet by taking donations from them or publicly supporting their actions.