There is some magic in a Just Fab box, but a lot of people are learning about that magic every month when they get their box. The LA Times wanted to know what the magic in the box was, and they also wanted to know what made it so easy for JustFab to make better fashions.

The gist at JustFab is that they pack everything into a box every month for the custom, and they send things to the customer based on what the customer says they like. Learn more about Just Fabs:

The customer is trusting that JustFab can create nice fashions, and they are going to open up the box to something that they probably would have never picked in the store on their own. This is one of the ways that JustFab has been able to help people who like clothes, and it makes it simple for women who have no time to shop.

Just Fab is really in the best position to become a much bigger company because they have millions of subscribers, and they are thinking of an IPO. They will not confirm that they are going for an IPO today, but they are clearly in a place where they would do well to have all that extra money coming in.

This is kind of a revolution in the way that women are dressing because it gives them all the things they want without forcing them to shop for them. There is no such thing as shopping on JustFab because the customer gets that magical box every month. They can throw these clothes on, and they can try on the accessories that all come to the customer in her size.