A FreedomPop review of the free cell phone service shows they’ve made some positive changes and also some other changes that are notable. Even though the free cell phone service has been around for years, things have been added to and taken away from the service to make it that much better for each customer. Anyone who chooses to get the free service will need to know that it’s only free for one year, and after the year is up, the cost for the service will be $10.99 per month.

Since the free service would cost the same as the paid service, the customer is encouraged to switch to the paid plan after a year. The paid plan that is offered by FreedomPop is currently priced at $10.99 and has unlimited talk and text, which is a step up from the free service plan. There is also 500 MB of data with the free service plan as opposed to 200 MB, but both plans have an automatic top up once the data is depleted down to 100 MB. Anyone can turn off the automatic top up option if it’s not something that they want because there is a $10 automatic charge when topping up.

Along with having Wi-Fi service with millions of different hotspots, FreedomPop also has a Wi-Fi calling service plan that is only five dollars per month. Those with the free cell phone service plan can utilize this the most because for only five dollars each month, they’ll be able to make phone calls over Wi-Fi as well as getting unlimited data through Wi-Fi and being able to send text messages. If paying five dollars per month is all that a person pays when they use the free phone service plan, they’ll still be coming out on top.

It’s always wise to mention the most popular plan, the unlimited plan for $19.99. This heavily used plan is available to any customer that has either a CDMA phone that’s from Sprint or a GSM phone that’s unlocked. Any cell phone user who switches to FreedomPop will not have to sign any contract but must get a sim card if they have a GSM phone and also must make sure the phone is unlocked. Although so many people love the free cell phone service from FreedomPop, it’s good to know that there are other options for cell phone service from the same company.

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