A lot of artists tend to do things and take the paths less traveled to find themselves and their true passions. It helps them think, it helps them feel, and most importantly, it helps them understand, to be able to express their artistic minds better. Doug Levitt is a singer-songwriter who took the path less traveled on a mission of self-discovery – the greyhound path.Traveling only by Greyhounds, Doug Levitt set out on a journey to reconnect with the American society and to try and understand the people and where they come from. When Doug Levitt was trying to figure out a way to get in touch with himself, the road kept calling, and eventually, he gave in. He set out on a journey which has turned into an artistic representation of his way of life.

His thousands of miles have been compiled into music and writing, all of which have been critically acclaimed by people and fans across the world.When Doug Levitt was younger, he traveled a lot and lived in different countries apart from the US, which is what helped him develop a more global perspective. When he came back to the US, he realized that he needed to revisit the American culture in its most natural form once again. But a part of this experience wasn’t to see the glorious part of the American society, but more like the part that is often left behind.

Greyhound buses usually see a lot of offenders and people coming from underprivileged backgrounds. Doug Levitt wanted to see what life was like on the other side and saw the Greyhound as one of the best ways to get across to that stratum of people in society.Doug Levitt performs all over the country, and all of his work is based on his travel experiences. During his performances, he is known to share pictures, memories and also songs about the numerous exciting things that he had stumbled upon on the way to where he currently is. His project ‘The Greyhound Diaries” is one of the most anticipated art projects, which Doug Levitt plans to turn into a web series soon.