I was already aware of the businessperson and philanthropist Dick DeVos when I stumbled across an interview with Betsy DeVos with Philanthropy Roundtable about the dedication the couple have shown to the cause of education reform in the U.S. I was not aware of the length of time Dick and Betsy DeVos have put into developing the educational reform movement since they slowly decided to join the group in the 1970s when they began to consider schools for their own children. Betsy DeVos was unable to pinpoint a specific event that started the need to assist families in providing the best possible education a child, but I was happy to read she did believe talking to families struggling to provide a high quality education for their family members played an important role in prompting the couple to become a major part of what was a radical movement when they began to take part; Dick DeVos has done much to provide funding and support for a cause I believe he genuinely feels he needs to take part in and make a difference to communities across the U.S.


Looking back over the career and life of Dick DeVos with the aid of his Wikipedia page and the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has given me the chance to see how important community is to Dick DeVos as he continues the work of his father, Richard; Dick followed in the footsteps of his father by taking control of the AnWay group after proving a success as an executive at the company and as the CEO of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise. I feel the greatest successes Dick DeVos has achieved despite his business career success are based in the philanthropic career he has developed that includes his commitment to Grand Rapids, Michigan where I believe he is looking to help the local community by heading the grand Action committee. Dick DeVos is not only dedicated to the cause of education and his business life, but I believe he has achieved much as a supporter of the arts across the U.S. through his support for programs created by the Kennedy Center for the Arts.