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End Citizen’s United Has One End Game

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The legislative work of End Citizen’s United is something that changes the way everyone American will live their lives. The PAC was built to stop the large amount of money coming into campaign finance, and they are fighting to change campaign finance laws. This article explains how someone may help the group, or they will find it quite simple to follow them on social media to learn more about how big money is changing Washington. This article will show how the PAC spreads its message to all who wish to hear.


#1: Changing The Law


Changing the law is important, and it is the only way to keep large amounts of money out of the campaigns that are run for every office in the land. It is assumed that someone must be wealthy to run for office, and that has been shown in event times. Changing over the laws to something that is more equitable will favor everyone, and it will allow the common to run for office. They will notice there is a change in the people who are running, and End Citizen’s United will want to see that change made immediately.


#2: Stopping Politicians From Using Too Much Money


End Citizen’s United talks every day about the work that they do on social media as they wish to highlight every time a politician is using money to make their dreams come true. They will note even the smallest problems that are happening in government, and they will continue to highlight those issues until they have been stopped. The problems that occur will continue to be so until there is a change in the law that forces everyone to make a change.


#3: End Citizen’s United Wishes To See The Legislature Take Up The Issue Today


There are many people who have attempted to write campaign finance bills, and they have not gone all that far because they are not in the interest of those who work in Washington. The staff at End Citizen’s United is looking at ways to entice new congressman and women to write bills that will change the laws. They must be willing to take a change, and they will find it easy to do so when there is more public pressure put on each person in office.


The person who is searching for a way to change the world they live in must first change who is making their laws. The PAC at End Citizen’s United is looking for many ways to ensure that they may impact how campaigns are financed, and they will continue to push for a change that will make a difference in the world at-large. Recent times show changing the public discourse is key.


Thor Halvorssen Makes a Huge Impact for Human Rights

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More people are learning about human rights activists. This is thanks in large part to Thor Halvorssen who is making a lot of impact in the cause. He is helping raise more awareness to the different cultures where human rights violations are the norm. Thor Halvorssen is also involved in the exposure of countries that are engaged in unethical practices. He is quickly becoming the new face of human rights activism. Among the things he is doing is changing the image of human rights activists. He is becoming an example to follow for other activists. He is moving forward with great energy.

One thing that sets Thor Halvorssen apart from other human rights activists is that he shows a desire to get dirty and roughed up for the cause. While other activists just talk about issues, Thor Halvorssen is actually hands on about human rights issues. There are plenty of times when he has faced some of the issues that came from human rights violators. He himself was used as a punching bag. Even after all of this, Thor still maintains his resolve to continue fighting for the rights of others. He does not let anyone intimidate him.

Another thing that makes Thor stand out from others is the experience he has with human rights violations. He has a history with the issue in that his father has uncovered government corruption in his country and has been imprisoned. Another incident was his mother getting shot during a demonstration. This just adds fuel to the fire that burns his passion. Thor works towards a vision where people are treated equally in all parts of the world.

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