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Securus Teams up with GovPayNet to Provide Quality Services

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Securus is well known as a leader in the provision of criminal and civil justice solutions. Over the years, Securus has striven to continuously modernize incarceration and today, they are the main providers of the technological solutions that exists in thousands of correctional facilities countrywide. Serving up to 1.2 million inmates in North America, Securus has gained a huge market. The firm has also gained a good reputation during this time, as it connects those who are in prison and their families in the outside world while helping to make the world a safer place. In a most recent move, however, the company acquired another firm, GovPayNet, which is also a leading company when it comes to the processing of debit and credit cards.




GovPayNet is responsible for services that allow consumers to process payments and has an extensive reach, serving 25 states and up to 2300 agencies. This number is not to be underestimated as it is approximately 26% of the United States. With over 20 years of experience, the company was established with the aim of helping law enforcement agencies handle credit card payments for bail. Today, the company has grown and is now able to handle not just bail payments but also transactions made for fines, impound and towing fees, monitoring costs, restitution and records fees. The company also currently deals with payments made to treasurers and revenue departments.


The Leadership


Bob Pickens, the President of Securus, welcomed GovPayNet, citing that they are happy to be extending their portfolio to the GovPayNet team. He praised the team’s exceptional services and was equally impressed by how customers were satisfied with their services. He noted that combining with GovPayNet would be a good way to expand into additional segments of the market they are exploring. Mark MacKenzie, CEO of GovPayNet also talked about this acquisition, noting that they would like to improve their capabilities under this new outfit.


Securus Technologies Is Working To Reduce Crime Rates In Prison Systems

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In a world where crime rates are high, the number of companies who are trying to help limit the amount of crime happening on the streets is at an all time high. One particular company however is working to provide technology that will work to prevent further crimes as well as to helping to solve the crimes.


Securus Technologies has been a leading provider in the criminal justice technology sector for a number of years. They are interested in the publics safety as well as into investigations and corrections. The number of facilities that uses the technology at hand brought on by Securus Technologies is high.


In the prison system, there is a high rate of crime that is caused from inmate to inmate crimes as well as crimes which take place from visitors at the prison. Each year, prison officials will write into Securus Technologies to seek their help in putting a stop to the crime taking place inside of the prison. The work that Securus offers is bringing hope to those who work there as well as to those that are housed there that crime rates will go down.


For those who work for Securus, they know first hand about the different options for helping to put a stop to the crime wars however they are never too busy to come up with new and exciting ways to bring new ideas to the front of the company. Each week, the people who work for them are provided the opportunity to showcase their new ideas as well as what can be done to prevent further crimes from taking place.


By creating a crime free zone inside the prison systems, the inmates are taught better coping skills to prevent further crimes from happening. The hope is that when you increase the monitoring of the inmates and help to put a stop to the crimes, you are in a sense working to create better inmates upon release from the prison system.


Using Securus Technologies to Combat the War on Drugs

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Despite being inside a prison working as a corrections officer, we have our own battle against drugs that many might not even think could be so bad. We have several inmates who talk openly about how they are able to get drugs inside their cells easier than when they were running on the streets. That is something we as officers are not proud of, and we take immediate measures to try and eliminate.


The biggest weak spot in the jail is where we have the inmates and visitors come together. Despite several resources at our disposal, these inmates can be quite crafty when they want something from the outside. We have to have our heads in a million places to ensure nothing is being transferred, but many times it can be impossible when you are outnumbered by inmates 4:1 in most cases.


Securus Technologies placed the call monitoring system in our prison, and we utilize the LBS software to try and identify when inmates are doing something they should not. Eben knowing that we are listening they still slip up from time to time and give us key pieces of information that we can use to try and fight this war on drugs on several fronts.


Once we became familiar with the alert system, it began to isolate calls from inmates concerning drugs. We heard one inmate telling his mother how to pass the prescription drugs to him when they said goodbye in the jail. Another inmate talked quite openly about how he can buy pills from a fellow inmate and take them at night when the jail goes dark. We ever heard inmates telling their family how they are selling drugs to raise up their commissary balance. Each time the alert goes off, we strike fast to stop this war from raging on.


The Video Visitation App by Securus Technologies

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Christmas is always a special time for children. Most of them anticipate spending quality time with their parents and opening gifts. However, for children with guardians or parents in correction facilities, they find a difficult time to enjoy the holiday season. Many children never understand why they cannot be with their parents at such special time of the year. Taking them to correction facilities may raise more questions and result in a bad experience. Fortunately, Securus has introduced a new way for families to come together for the holiday season. It has achieved this through the introduction of a video visitation program.


Securus Technologies is a highly successful company that has centered its services in communication and technology. The company has its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded several decades ago to offer technology services to inmates in different parts of the country. The company recently announced that it would avail a new set of technology equipment. The technology would serve as an important part of communication. The technology was named Securus Video Visitation Program. It is a unique program that allows family members to visit their inmates through a video call feature. The program allows better communication between families during the festive season.


Apart from offering communication services in correction facilities, Securus has determined to improve investigations. The company has introduced several features that come with the video visitation program. It includes getting user id and photo when signing up for the program. The result is that many people that get to use the communication system have their information with the company. Securus also monitors the video visitation program. Anything that is said in the videos that could bring result in violence is usually noted.


One can access the video visitation technology by opening an account with the company. You can also make use of the company’s email system if you want. There is also the availability of a voicemail feature that comes with the program. The nature of flexible services that go with the company makes it possible to improve communication. Family members no longer have to worry about taking their children for long walks to correction facilities. I think that the video visitation program provided by the company is great. It seeks to improve family relationships and foster a better understanding between inmates and their families. More than one million people have benefited from the use of the communication facility.