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Anthony Petrello Runs a Large Energy Services Company

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Anthony Petrello is the current Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board Nabors Industries, a large company providing a variety of important services to energy producing companies.Nabors Industries Ltd began life in 1968 under the name Anglo Energy Ltd.

Nabors is now a member of S&P 500. It’s based in Hamilton Bermuda but maintains its main offices in Houston Texas. They’re a drilling contractor for oil, natural oil and geothermal sites. They work in North and South America, Africa, the Far East, and the Middle East.

They also service offshore drilling platforms. They make drilling drives, directional drilling systems and equipment and software for rig reporting. It has around 500 rigs working in 25 countries. That’s the largest fleet of landbased drilling rigs in the world. They’re experiencing a growing surge in demand, especially for the shale fracking industry.

They own a charter fleet of 29 marine vessels to service their offshore sites. Plus, they’ve got 5 barge rigs and 19 jackup barge rigs. Anthony Petrello took over a Chairman of the Board in june 2012 from the prior one, Eugene M. Isenberg. He started out with Nabors when he came on as Chief Operating Officer in 1991. And he was first elected to the Board of Trustees.

Anglo Energy traded on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol AEL until re-organizing in 1987. That’s when it changed its name to Nabors Industries. It later moved to the New York Stock Exchange.

As the company increased its annual profits and grew, it eventually became large enough to be one of the S&P 500.

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Doe Deere and her Integrity

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For individuals that are looking for a new way to apply makeup to the face that not only brings out the beauty on the outside, but also brings out the confidence on the inside, try a new product that is a part of the Lime Crime collection, a line of makeup that was created to make every person that wears this brand stand out in a crowd. Lime Crime is a company that was officially created in 2008 by Doe Deere, a female entrepreneur who has been a creative individual her entire life and has loved makeup as well as designing clothes ever since she was a young girl.

Doe Deere started Lime Crime in 2008 as a side business to her real clothing business that were of her own designs and consisted of bright colors as well as bright patterns that were sold online. The makeup brand that she created afterwards was an after though due to the fact that she could not find any makeup that was bright enough and that would not be washed out by the clothes that she designed. The Lime Crime brand first started out with a lipstick that is the first of many radical colored lipsticks that showoff the beautiful features of each individual.

Doe Deere is especially known for her presence on social media sites such as Instagram that all follow the progress the Ms. Deere continues to make on perfecting her products. Ms. Deere shows off her progress on social media sites such as Instagram to change the way that individuals think about putting on their makeup in the morning. The bright colors, in the opinion of Ms. Deere, is something that truly brings out both inner and outer beauty of a person. As the name suggests, the color lime is Ms. Deere’s favorite color to use on the face as she love how it transforms the face.

In recent news, Ms. Deere sat down with Galore magazine, an internet magazine that not only wanted to here about the drive behind her successful company, but also wanted to hear about Ms. Deere’s plans for the future of her company. When responding to the inquiries of the magazine, Doe Deere stated that she has been interested in makeup even at a young age. Ms. Deere has fond memories of playing with her friends during sleepovers and applying makeup to their faces with the brightest makeups that she could find.

Ms. Deere has always been a creative individual and has always had a passion for makeup. Ms. Deere made the business decision when she started this brand to make this an internet brand. This decision not only keeps her closer to her customers, but also enables her to respond to the reviews of her company.
Doe Deere wearing her new lip color – RUSTIC

Marc Sparks’ Fairytale Success Story

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In today’s very competitive world, average performance in school usually translates to average performance in life. So much emphasis is placed on good academic performance that usually the point of education is lost all together, for many people.

For Marc Sparks, however, average performance did nothing to dampen his morale. He not only managed to go beyond the average academic performance but also attained levels of success that even people with higher levels of education would envy.

Today, Marc Sparks is a source of inspiration for would be entrepreneurs on what to and what not to do to succeed in entrepreneurial world.  With a high school grade of C+, Marc Sparks refused to let the average grade limit his potential and instead started multiple businesses. The Dallas, Texas resident is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about what he does.

His book “They Can’t Eat You” (can be found on Amazon and GoodRead) shares his story of how he managed to curve his own path to success despite all the odds. He is also the founder and CEO of Timber Creek Capital LP, an equity firm that helps entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.

It assists them in creating the appropriate business structure for success such as office space, capital, accounting, graphic arts and anything else that a business needs in order to succeed.   Marc Sparks is also a venture capitalist and is forever on the search for promising entrepreneurs to invest in. Learn more: https://angel.co/marcsparks3 and http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1132595

Among the qualities that he looks for include exclusivity of services or products, current progress in terms of sales and the strategy that will efficiently and effectively employ the financial resources requested for. It is perhaps interesting to note that despite the various challenges and hurdles that he has had to go through himself in his struggle for success, he is more than willing to assist others succeed in their own business ventures.

His charitable nature does not end with financial success. Marc Sparks is also a philanthropist who participates in several humanitarian organizations such as The Samaritan Inn (which provides shelter for the homeless), the Habitat for Humanity among others – Marc Sparks: More Business Than Usual

According to a website (http://whoismarcsparks.com/), he is of the belief that if one is blessed with good fortune, they should share the same with the less fortunate as the more one has the more is expected of them.

However, with the right kind of attitude it is achievable. Success is something that should be shared and with a helping hand, anyone can achieve great heights of financial success.