As one of the most established companies in the provision of global-scale logistics, IAP Worldwide Services has continually invested in the development of its technical infrastructure in order to expand its capabilities. IAP Worldwide Services has invested more in getting experts with prior military experience in a bid to satisfy the needs of its mission and to cater for many clients who present challenges that require militaristic intervention.

To keep up with technology and modern practices, IAP Worldwide Services conducts research on some of the most important areas of technology that can help the company while executing its mandate. They also have an educational program that equips their workers with the latest information about the industry.

Expeditionary services
For about three decades, the government has relied on support from IAP Worldwide Services to boost the activity of their troops working in different places. IAP offers national security agencies support when on mission to ensure all their activities are successful.

They maintain he infrastructure applied in the activities of the troops and offer custom-engineered solutions that offer the troops better command over their surroundings. IAP emerges triumphant in areas where many companies fail and this is the reason the government has maintained their services for a long time.

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Response to emergency situations
At times when lives are exposed to risks, IAP comes in as a fast responder to provide assistance. Some of the situations when the services of IAP are required most include during disasters and epidemics or situations that require fast safety intervention. The government has trusted the way IAP Worldwide Services responds to the situations. Apart from ensuring the provision of medical and power solutions for emergencies, IAP instills a sense of security among those affected. The company is prepared around the clock to respond to any emergency situations.

Power field and utilities
Based on the large experience the company has earned over the years, IAP easily installs and maintains power generation and electrical systems. They also cater for water distribution facilities that require overhauls and maintenance.

Additionally, the company manages community fuel storage and its range of services covers beyond utility delivery. The company works with clients to assess their infrastructure to come up with working plans that can enhance sustainability and service delivery. They have also expanded their addressable market through acquisitions and mergers.

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