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Flawless Transport – The Solution to Williamson County’s Traffic Problem

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The Williamson County Growth Summit brought together the leading authorities in the transit industry to solve a growing problem: traffic. Some of the figures who graced the summit are: Mike Heiligenstein, Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority; Leandre Johns, Texas External Affairs Director for Uber Technologies, Inc.; and founder of RideScoutt LLC Joseph Kopser.


The summit’s theme was on the effects of technology on the transportation system in Austin and the world as a whole. However, the panel members did not shy away from addressing the issues plaguing the city’s transportation system.


A Growing City, a Growing Problem

As one of the state’s biggest states, Austin is growing steadily in many aspects. On one hand, the adoption of emerging transport is improving efficiency in the city’s transport industry. For instance, ride sharing apps and driverless cars are positively reshaping the city’s transportation industry. On the other hand, the city’s population is growing steadily and its transport industry is coming under strain.


Mike Heiligenstein proposed that the city should make the remaining corridors more efficient, smarter, and more technically advanced. He also proposed the expansion of existing roads’ traffic capacities. Alan McGraw, Mayor for Round Rock, was also conscious of the traffic issue and was advised to maintain flexibility in land use and building.


Other related infrastructure including parking areas were also discussed. Among the panelists was Jared Ficklin of ArgoDesign, who has repeatedly proposed the construction of an aerial gondola system in Austin. He was particularly vocal about parking lots by proposing smart and space-efficient garages of the future. According to Ficklin, Austin should build parking garages that are only five feet tall with multiple levels. They should also feature charging stations for electric cars and service stations, among other amenities.


About Mike Heiligenstein

Mike Heiligenstein is an outstanding figure in Central Texas’ infrastructure development, and the transport system in particular. He is a graduate of the University of Texas and holds Masters Degrees in Business Administration and Government. He is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He has led the agency since 2003, and under his management the agency seeks to modernize the regional transportation network for Central Texas. He has also grown the agency’s assets from almost zero to a projected $4 billion in 2020.

Mike Heiligenstein has also served Central Texas in many capacities in the past. Some of his past jobs include serving on the Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council, the regional MPO, and chairing the Clean Air Force of Texas.

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CTRMA Offers Transit Solutions

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It is one of the saddest moments when we see to it that the traffic issues are only discussed in the hearing o Austin City and not any other art of the county. As much as we talk about the city becoming congested, we are failing to note the congestion in traffic which is acting the Williamson County which is one of the largest areas where people stay in this city. For this reason, we end up failing to acknowledge the greater benefit imposed on the people who work to get the highest fruits and steer the city’s economy struggle through traffic and other related issues.


According to the Growth Summit of the Williamson County held on this previous Thursday, it offered the greatest opportunity for us to present our grievances to discuss the ways of making this country flourish again. This was one of the rarest opportunities to have the transportation system in the country transformed in a manner which depicts maturity and the leader in the world-class transport network. Or us to take or county to greater heights, we must first understand the various ways through which we can develop the place and make it better for business. Business never allows for delays. This is caused through the lack of a proper transparent transportation system which allows for seamless business in the region. The regions of suburban communities are now affected more than ever. These are the people who work in the city and have a great contribution to the economy of the state.


The discussion panel had the inclusion of Mike Heiligenstein as the Regional Mobility Authority Executive Director of Central Texas, Uber Technologies Inc., Joseph Kopser as the founder of RideScout LLC, Leandre Johns as the Texas External Affairs Director and ArgoDesign’s Jared Ficklin. This discussion had the inclusion of one of the most influential people in t city who take care of the design of the transportation system in a modern city like Austin. While the main aim of this concern was to raise a new level of awareness in the state, they were missioned to have the state-issued with the summit to make it grow and solve the problems of traffic. The people brought all their ideas together and settled on matters which concern the issuance of the strategic facility development in areas involving technology changes which will work a long way to develop the transportation system in the region of the William County.

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