Matthew Autterson is no stranger to success. From his time in college at Michigan State University, he has applied an exceptionally high amount of drive and dedication toward his achievement goals. After college, Matthew Autterson went on to become an employee at First Trust Corperation, before finally reaching his position as president of SunAmerica where he has been an extremely valuable asset to the company. Matthew Autterson is also a loving father and philanthropist. He recently participated in the famed Baja 1,000 Race with with his daughter Madison Autterson. As a Philanthropist Matthew Autterson supports Falci Adaptive Biosystems in their mission to help the neurologically disabled. Matthew Autterson is a passionate individual, who has had high aspirations for his entire life. He strives to attain the highest levels of accomplishment in everything he does.


Michigan State University is acclaimed for its prestigious history and advancements. It has been known to be a place of learning for many ambitious achievers. Matthew Autterson is no exception to this standard. He graduated the university in 1980, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Autterson then went on to attend the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program. He used his academic achievements to further his career and continued to attain great success.

Career and Achievements

Matthew Autterson immediately began his career with a company called the First Trust Corporation in Denver. After working for two years in with many experienced professionals, Autterson was ready to start something of entirely new. He partnered with a close team and began work on a subsidiary company for Integrated Resources Inc., located in New York. Only four years later, he became the president of Resources Trust Company. The company was then acquired by Broad Inc. before later becoming SunAmerica Inc. In 1998 SunAmerica Inc. was acquired by AIG for $18 billion. Matthew Autterson had indeed become very successful.


Despite his success in the worlds of business and finance, Matthew Autterson still cares deeply for many charitable causes. Falci Adaptive Biosystems focuses on helping those with nuerometer disabilities. This non-profit organization aims to help people with these disabilities gain better mobility.

Clearly Matthew Auterson is an individual driven by success. He prioritizes charity and hard work, and exemplifies the notion of outstanding business sense. Through diligence and dedication, Autterson has truly made a name for himself.