Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. This is a business with multiple interests in the area of branding.

With these interests come a vast portfolio of the CEO and branding guru with an edge in marketing and sales. The business is vital in area such as

  • Financial services
  • Spanning apparel
  • Consumer products
  • Hospitality and
  • Technology


Owing to his knowledge of branding, Chris Burch manages 14 personal investments as part of his portfolio. They include Rappi, Hooch, See The SEEN, BaubleBar, Splits, Chubbies Shorts, Poppin, Bib+Tuck among others.


Currently, Chris Burch has two titles. He is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital and the owner of Nihiwatu. Tony Burch is the Co-founder of Nihiwatu.  Hop over to this to read more about his resort investment.


Due to his knowledge of branding, marketing, and finance, Chris Burch is on the board of 5 companies. Four of which are personal investments. They include

  • Grability
  • See The SEEN
  • Chubbies Shorts
  • Nihiwatu and
  • Poppin

For his education, Chris Burch attained his business diploma at Ithaca College in 1976 after studying for four years. It is through this degree that he got his knowledge of sales and marketing as well as branding for different business ventures in various business niches.  Refer to for a related article.

2017 events

In May of 2017, Chris Burch got the chance as a guest speaker at the C2 Montreal 2017 conference. The theme for the conference was “Futuristic cities.” He was among 11 other speakers.

As the face behind the success of over 50 companies, this internationally known hotelier, and philanthropist has managed a lot on his 40-year career. Chris ensures that he utilizes his investment acumen, entrepreneurial skills, sourcing experience as well as knowledge of consumer behavior to remain relevant in the branding field.   Read additional article on

First business venture

From his first investment while in college worth a capital of $2000, he is today a line for women force to reckon. He began his first business, Eagles Eye Apparel with his brother. The business specialized in women’s sweaters with unique embroidery patterns. Shortly after, the brothers sold the company for a whopping $60millipn.

It was during the early years of his career that Chris Burch learned how to create great marketing plans. These plans would provide direct consumers for business ventures in the fashion and hospitality industries. Over the years, Chris Burch has worked with such big names as Ellen DeGeneres’s clothing line for women, men, children as well as dogs.  Read his views and insights on business, click on

March of 2017 saw Chris Burch’s crowning moment with the launch of Nihi Sumba Island located in Indonesia. The luxury resort that is comprised of 27villas is one of Chris Burch’s investments that take hospitality branding to the next level. These achievements show that his 40-year career gets fresh and better each year.

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