Nexbank is community bank located in Dallas Texas. Nexbank offers a variety of services to its customers. Services include Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, Commercial Real Estate, Treasury Management and much more.

John Holt is currently the CEO of Nexbank. Mr. Holt has over two decades of business banking experience. Under his leadership, Nexbank has experienced exceptional growth as well as performance. Nexbank currently has over 5 billion dollars in assets.

Mr. Holt is a graduate of Southern Methodist University. In addition, John Holt is currently on the Board of Directors of the Texas Bankers Association.

Nexbank has personal checking, business checking, savings accounts, Certificate of deposit, money market accounts as well as a variety of consumer services. In addition, the bank offers flexible financing for both business and personal loans and lines of credit.

The bank offers Treasury Management Services which can help increase productivity of treasury operations as well as expand revenue of short term assets. Treasury Management Services can actually help reduce overall transaction costs.

Cash Management Services can enable accurate and timely reporting. In addition, one main account can take care of all customer needs. No need to open multiple accounts.

Liquidity Management Service scan actually help the customer maximize interest earning potential on their investments. In addition, the customer will have dual control over all their existing accounts as well as long term investments.

Nexbank offers convenient online banking options. Therefore, customers can access their accounts from any location just about any time of the day. In addition, deposits, withdraws as well as account review can all be done from your home or business computer. Mobile banking is now available. On line banking takes just minutes to enroll.

Nexbank can help customers make wise investment choices, offer the lowest interest loans and offer the best financial products that will benefit the client long term. Please see