Former Hedge Fund Manager Paul Mampilly says that with the holidays starting up there will soon be reports out about telling us how much consumers are buying this year. This will be very informative for how the economy is going and which stores people are flocking to.

He has been helping people decide how to invest their money for the past several years. This includes his newsletter Profits Unlimited as well as on Bloomberg TV, Fox News, Hedge Fund Intelligence, CNBC, Kiplinger’s, and Reuters. He thinks that this will be a good holiday season with strong retail sales growth. About two-thirds of America’s gross domestic product is made of the spending by consumers so it’s pretty important.

A lot of holiday shopping is now done online so many brick and mortar stores are not doing all that well. Paul Mampilly says this has resulted in some retail stock doing really well while others have performed terribly. He is expecting the sales growth of online shopping to be around 16 percent which equates to a bit over $17 billion.
Overall sales for the S&P 500 firms are expected to go up by 6 percent in the fourth quarter of 2018. Since 2013 the average quarterly growth has been about 2.4 percent so growth this year should be quite strong. Paul Mampilly says that investing in the S&P 500 during the holiday season is usually a winning bet and more so this year.

Paul Mampilly says that if you just want to invest in online retailers one convenient way of doing so is by using the ProShares Online Retail ETF. He thinks buying into the ETF is a smart move for investors and they will be well-rewarded for doing so.

Everything does seem to be going pretty good for consumers in the United States. Unemployment is at record lows and consumer confidence is up. Deloitte’s research shows that sales this year will likely be up by 5.6 percent while last year it was 5 percent. Deloitte’s figures have sales pegged at $1.1 trillion across American economy.

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