With wage growth at a stand still, inflation continuing to rise, and interest rates nearing all-time lows, expert Greg Secker says now is the opportune time for investors to consider adding forex (or the foreign exchange market) to their investment portfolios.


Secker recommends forex for even complete beginners to the trading market— one of forex’s top appeals is that it doesn’t require large investments. Forex is a great starting place for anyone that doesn’t have the time to interpret charts or learn complex trading. Because foreign exchange is a global marketplace, it is always accessible, and follows global trends. The best route of action is to start in the UK forex market to avoid inflation rates decreasing the US dollar’s value. This allows you to avoid being taxed on your new income as well!


The most important thing Secker says to keep in mind is that forex is only unsafe if you move forward with an unskilled strategy. Employ the numerous software programs that were engineered to help you along the way. Lastly, always pay attention to your forex indicator— which will mean something different to each individual. A common forex indicator is the Exponential Moving Average, which enables forex traders to compare two EMAs to conclude if pricing is moving up or down. With tips from the master entrepreneur Greg Secker himself, anyone can learn to diversify their finances into forex in a breeze.


But just who is the mastermind behind this sudden feasibility? Greg Secker is an entrepreneur, whose successes have also led him to dabble in philanthropy and international speaking. Owner of software Learn to Trade and Capital Index, he has changed the financial lives of millions. The Greg Seckler Foundation is his passion project, devoted to improving the lives of people in communities around the world.


Greg made himself a millionaire by his midtwenties– he now devotes his life towards helping others achieve the same greatness. By equipping the world with the tools they need, he is helping people everywhere learn to achieve greatness through financial freedom and success.