The Open Society Foundations is an organization established by George Soros that aims to unite all groups and organizations around the world that are pushing for a liberal society. The Open Society Foundations is also responsible for bringing human rights violators to justice, uplifting the quality of human life among poor communities, protecting the environment from harm, and rallying behind the issues that concerns the liberal agenda. The Open Society Foundations has help hundreds of thousands of individuals, especially in Europe, Africa and Asia where human rights violations are rampant and where people are starting to realize the advantages of having a liberal society. George Soros wanted to see a liberal world where there is no discrimination, and it is the reason why he is pushing for his organizations to mobilize and promote the advantages of living in a liberal society. George Soros is one of the wealthiest individuals in the United States, and his net worth is reported to be more than $20 billion. Of this $20 billion wealth, it was reported that he donated $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations. George Soros stated that he will also donate $2 billion to his Asian arm and he will be expanding his presence in Asia.

The beneficiaries of the assistance from the Open Society Foundations are oppressed individuals and other people who are seeking justice from the violation of their human rights. One of the classic examples is the victims of the political crisis in Nepal which took place in the early 2000s. The supporters of the king clashed against the opposition, and the military intervened. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed, and some were tortured to death. Those who survived the brutal uprising asked the Open Society Foundations for help. They wanted to bring those responsible for the murder of their loved ones to court, and the Open Society Foundations gathered the best lawyers around the world to seek justice. The families of those who perished thanked the Open Society Foundations because of the assistance that they provided, and because they finally got the justice that they waited for so long.

The Open Society Foundations is also responsible for the Ferguson Protest. George Soros believed that everyone must be given the right to live, and he condemned the murder of an African American teenager by the police. He asked his organizations to mobilize and gather to the city of Ferguson to show their solidarity to all of the victims of police brutality. The protests aimed to voice out their concern to the United States government, asking for their protection.

The Open Society Foundations is also active in promoting an earth friendly society, and they have been disseminating information in Thailand and Indonesia about the harmful effects of dumping chemicals into the water systems. They are also helping farmers in India to get new heavy equipment that will help them with agriculture. The Open Society Foundations keep on transforming the world to become a better place for everyone, regardless of gender, race and belief.