Women are excited about the Fabletics brand. Hundreds of stores are opening, and people are taking the style quiz and signing up for subscriptions on the website. This is certain to make the founders of Fabletics very happy. Many entrepreneurs with this type of success might feel compelled to lay back and relax. They may be ready to just celebrate and lounge. Hudson has proven that she is not about sitting back and celebrating just yet. She still feels that she has more work to do, and she is telling people about Fabletics any time that she gets the chance to.

In a Marie Claire interview she talks about affordability for active wear. She also mentions the Fabletics swimwear line. There is even some talk about how the Fabletics brand has transitioned into an athleisure brand that can be worn outside of the gym. That is ideal for women that may leave the gym and go to grocery stores. Kate is excited about the brand, and that is something that has made other people excited about the brand as well.
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When something new like Fabletics is introduced to the world, there has to be a level of excitement from the inside that reaches the consumers. People want to know why they will need to consider Fabletics over the other brands that are out there. Someone has to sway the consumer and focus their attention on the brand. Hudson has certainly become a person that is ready to do that.

Kate Hudson is putting her all into promoting Fabletics. She has appeared in the Fabletics commercials with that same sense of humor that has built her acting career. She has managed to give people a lot to think about when they see her on the website advertising the clothes.

There are a ton of people that are hyped up about the brand. The yoga pants are getting a lot of attention, and some people have even managed to wear these outfits to work. Kate Hudson has emphasized the high level of quality that is available with this brand. She has stated that Fabletics is a standout because the brand has mixed affordability and quality production together. This is a fusion that few organizations are able to reproduce. Hudson has taken the time to learn about clothing though. She has managed to find designers that have been able to pull together a design that focuses on flexible material that can stretch with ripping. The clothing designers at Fabletics have also managed to focus on style. 

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