Founded in 1992 by James R.H. Ridinger Jr., Market America is currently the most well-known online sales retailer within the entire international industry. Mr. Ridinger also serves as the company’s Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President. The company has built an enterprise with operations in the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico, Australia, and the United Kingdom. In 2017, Malaysia was added to its business operations.

Consumers are becoming increasingly more dependent on the internet for their shopping needs, and Market America’s is the perfect opportunity for them to accomplish all of their retail shopping. With categories ranging from health, nutrition, cosmetics, pet care, home and garden as well as automotive care, has become a one-stop “mall” on the internet. The website also offers consumers financial services, which is an added-benefit that other online retailers do not offer. This puts Market America a cut-above the industry for the company’s innovative approach towards meeting the needs of consumers.

Loren Ridinger is the company’s Senior Vice President and Director. With over 15 years of the direct retail sales knowledge, she has been able to lead the charge for the company to capitalize on the growing internet-based retail business and provide consumers with an array of choices. The satisfaction of the company’s exclusive product lines has led to growing customers and has resulted in over $7.3 billion in sales. Each year, Market America holds events to celebrate the company’s success as well as honor all of their contributors and teams who bring an extraordinary amount of business that adds to the company’s profitability.

In May 2017, Market America was the recipient of the Family Business of the Year Award from Triad Business Journal. The award is given to family businesses that have a positive impact on the consumer and their community, while also providing economic growth. The honor was received at a very important time since this year marked the company’s 25 year anniversary. Through the global connections of consumers and exclusive products being sold, Market America has grown into a multinational business that will continue to lead the online retail industry.