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Doe Deere and her Integrity

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For individuals that are looking for a new way to apply makeup to the face that not only brings out the beauty on the outside, but also brings out the confidence on the inside, try a new product that is a part of the Lime Crime collection, a line of makeup that was created to make every person that wears this brand stand out in a crowd. Lime Crime is a company that was officially created in 2008 by Doe Deere, a female entrepreneur who has been a creative individual her entire life and has loved makeup as well as designing clothes ever since she was a young girl.

Doe Deere started Lime Crime in 2008 as a side business to her real clothing business that were of her own designs and consisted of bright colors as well as bright patterns that were sold online. The makeup brand that she created afterwards was an after though due to the fact that she could not find any makeup that was bright enough and that would not be washed out by the clothes that she designed. The Lime Crime brand first started out with a lipstick that is the first of many radical colored lipsticks that showoff the beautiful features of each individual.

Doe Deere is especially known for her presence on social media sites such as Instagram that all follow the progress the Ms. Deere continues to make on perfecting her products. Ms. Deere shows off her progress on social media sites such as Instagram to change the way that individuals think about putting on their makeup in the morning. The bright colors, in the opinion of Ms. Deere, is something that truly brings out both inner and outer beauty of a person. As the name suggests, the color lime is Ms. Deere’s favorite color to use on the face as she love how it transforms the face.

In recent news, Ms. Deere sat down with Galore magazine, an internet magazine that not only wanted to here about the drive behind her successful company, but also wanted to hear about Ms. Deere’s plans for the future of her company. When responding to the inquiries of the magazine, Doe Deere stated that she has been interested in makeup even at a young age. Ms. Deere has fond memories of playing with her friends during sleepovers and applying makeup to their faces with the brightest makeups that she could find.

Ms. Deere has always been a creative individual and has always had a passion for makeup. Ms. Deere made the business decision when she started this brand to make this an internet brand. This decision not only keeps her closer to her customers, but also enables her to respond to the reviews of her company.
Doe Deere wearing her new lip color – RUSTIC

Soros Explains Roots of Russian Aggression, Warns West on Sanctions

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As one of the foremost figures in international finance, George Soros is respected around the world as an expert on economics. In fact, Soros has gained such a reputation as an international investor that journalists frequently seek his opinion on topics as varied as the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union to the presidential election in the United States.

During the recent political and economic crisis in Ukraine, Soros took a proactive approach to sharing his policy prescriptions for the troubled country. In particular, Soros sought to convince policymakers and Western publics that economic sanctions against Russia were not the only way to deter Russian aggression and keep Ukraine as a strong, intact European country.

Soros, who has been involved in Ukraine for decades through the work of civil society organizations and think tanks supported by his philanthropic Open Society Foundation, shared the concerns of many other people about the prospect of Ukraine’s sovereign territory being carved up by Russia.

In fact, in his February 2015 piece in the New York Review of Books, Soros took the opportunity to explain what he saw as the motivations of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In fact, Soros argued that Putin was using “a nationalist ideology based on ethnic grounds, social conservatism, and religious faith the brotherhood of the Slavic race, homophobia, and holy Russia” to replace the Communist ideology that had failed in the early 1990s.

As Soros noted, Putin had used the ethnic grounds and the need to appease Russian nationalism as grounds for foreign aggression as early as his 2008 war with Georgia. However, Soros expresses deep concern that the lessons Putin gleaned from that conflict had been applied with greater effect in the Ukraine: a mixture of destabilizing propaganda and special forces military power.

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To directly deter Putin and the resurgent Russia, Soros saw only two options for the West: war or sanctions. As Soros notes, however, neither the European Union or the United States have evinced any interest in war with Russia. That left economic sanctions as the only option for leaders like President Barack Obama and Chancellor Angela Merkel.

However, Soros views sanctions – at best – as a “necessary evil.” In Soros’ view, the sanctions were only effective because they coincided with a sharp decline in the price of oil, which tightly squeezed the Russian treasury. (As Soros notes, Russia required $100 a barrel oil to balance its budget, but prices have dipped as low as $50 a barrel.)

Given that the combination of low oil prices and sanctions were biting Russia’s economy, Soros expressed serious fear that Russia could be pushed into a financial default. While this would cause critical harm to Russia, Soros was particularly afraid it would affect the West by increasing the risk of deflation in the European Union.

Instead of tightening the screws on sanctions, Soros recommended a different policy: he lays out a compelling case for massive Western assistance to Ukraine to help it become solvent and reinvigorate its economy.

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How SEC Is Encouraging More Whistleblowers To Speak Out

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Securities and exchange markets provide individuals with the opportunity to invest and make money from their investments. However, in the past, some players in the sectors have participated in various crimes that saw unsuspecting investors lose their hard-earned money. Despite other players in the industry having information on these fraudsters, many have always been afraid to step forward and report the crimes since they fear for both their security and that of their jobs. To solve this problem, the Securities and Exchange Commission has come up with new methods to lure these crucial witnesses to speak out.

One of these ways is the implementation of the Dodd Frank Wall Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The Congress enacted this Act in 2010 in order to provide new financial regulations in the United States. The Act offers whistleblowers numerous incentives such as employment protection, financial rewards and personal safety. In exchange, the whistleblowers are expected to report individuals and institutions that are violating federal securities laws to the SEC. The information is then used to investigate and prosecute the lawbreakers.

After the Act was passed, many organizations stepped in to help the Act achieve its agenda. For examples, law firms across the nation have been establishing practices meant only to focus on protecting whistleblowers. The practices also encourage more people to come out and report financial crimes through a trusted SEC Whistleblower attorney. Labaton Sucharow was the first firm, in the United States, to create these services. Jordan A. Thomas heads the firm. He is a former leader at SEC. At the office, Thomas worked as both the assistant director and the assistant chief litigation counsel.  This information was originally mentioned on Sec Whistleblowers as given in this link http://www.secwhistlebloweradvocate.com/program/program-overview

The first significant change that the new legislation brings to whistleblowers is maintaining their anonymity. In this move, a whistleblower can use the services of SEC Whistleblower attorneys to report the crime to the SEC. The act also prohibits firms from retaliating against whistleblowers. This means that one can report directly to the SEC and still enjoy his or her job security.

In addition, whistleblowers are entitled to 10-30% payout from all successful SEC enforcement that arose from the information provided by them. However, the sanctions must exceed $1 million for the whistleblower to be paid. Despite this threshold, there are additional awards whenever the monetary penalties collected exceeds that amount.

The new incentives have seen many people open up and join the SEC Whistleblower Program. Whistleblowers can provide information through phone, email and other electronic platforms.

What Is The Magic In A JustFab Box?

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There is some magic in a Just Fab box, but a lot of people are learning about that magic every month when they get their box. The LA Times wanted to know what the magic in the box was, and they also wanted to know what made it so easy for JustFab to make better fashions.

The gist at JustFab is that they pack everything into a box every month for the custom, and they send things to the customer based on what the customer says they like. Learn more about Just Fabs:  http://www.entrepreneur.wiki/Don_Ressler

The customer is trusting that JustFab can create nice fashions, and they are going to open up the box to something that they probably would have never picked in the store on their own. This is one of the ways that JustFab has been able to help people who like clothes, and it makes it simple for women who have no time to shop.

Just Fab is really in the best position to become a much bigger company because they have millions of subscribers, and they are thinking of an IPO. They will not confirm that they are going for an IPO today, but they are clearly in a place where they would do well to have all that extra money coming in.

This is kind of a revolution in the way that women are dressing because it gives them all the things they want without forcing them to shop for them. There is no such thing as shopping on JustFab because the customer gets that magical box every month. They can throw these clothes on, and they can try on the accessories that all come to the customer in her size.

Online Safety Tips to Avoid Doxxing

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You can never be too careful nowadays on the Internet. A new phenomenon known as “doxxing” is sweeping around the world. “Doxxing” refers to trolls hacking into your accounts and accessing all of your personal information. In the worst case scenario, this could lead to various trolls subjecting you and your loved ones to public shame and even stealing from your bank accounts.

One of the leaders in the crusade against “doxxing” is Darius M. Fisher, the president of Status Labs. Mr. Fisher co-founded Status Labs to help with online reputation management, as well as helping people with PR and digital marketing services. This company is currently one of the most highly regarded reputation management companies in the nation. Status Labs has helped over 1,500 clients in 35 countries around the world. Some of their more famous publications include Forbes, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, and The New York Times.

Mr. Fisher is a graduate of Vanderbilt University. His first jobs included work as a political consultant and copywriter. He is currently one of the nation’s leading voices on online reputation management, and he frequently holds public seminars to help people protect their personal information.

Recently, Mr. Fisher offered advice everyone can use to prevent “doxxing” from ever being an issue in your lives. One piece of advice he gave is specifically for people who have their own websites. Mr.

Also, since everyone is on social media nowadays, it is important to ensure that all of your accounts are on private mode. Even if your accounts are private, Mr. Fisher says you should always use common sense before posting anything online. Just remember that everyone in the world can potentially view your Twitter feed or Facebook page, and then act accordingly.

A good habit to get into is to change your passwords frequently for all of your most important online accounts. Mr. Fisher recommends four times a year.

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Pittsburgh Steelers revamping their clothing line for fans

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Susan McGalla, the new director of strategic planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization, has made good use of her background in the clothing industry to revamp the Steelers’ clothing line. The former CEO of Wet Seal and former president of American Eagle Outfitters has made waves with the modernizing of the Steelers clothing line.

Susan McGalla did this by listening to the Pittsburgh Steeler fans. She brought in focus groups and let them explain what they wanted in clothing from the organization. Susan McGalla made fans feel like they were a part of the team as they expressed their views on what they wanted.

In addition to modernizing the clothing line, Susan McGalla changed the process of buying Steelers products online by making the process quicker and easier.

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Brand names were brought in like Tommy Bahama, Nike Golf, and Victoria’s Secret. The team is making a clear effort to appeal to every age, whether they’re male or female. Women are able to buy clothing that is more feminine, and girls can buy gear with sleeves that have thumbholes, a style that’s very popular according to Susan McGallaa.

Now, men can wear clothing that is perfect for the office, and support their team at the same time.

The Steelers also have started a campaign that’s called “It’s Not Just Friday, It’s Steelers Friday,” where fans get a chance to win a Steelers-themed wardrobe just by sending in pictures of themselves wearing Steeler gear. Source: http://bitsylink.com/2015/09/25/susan-mcgalla-as-a-high-performing-business-woman-in-the-corporate-world/

Understanding Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism

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Kabbalah, which originated in Judaism, is esoteric school of thought and the definition of the discipline may vary depending on followers. The discipline has evolved through ages from being an integral part of Judaism to getting incorporated into Christianity and occultist adaptations. Kabbalah is made up of esoteric teachings, which seek to explain the relationship between mysterious infinity and the infinite and mortal universe (the creation of God).

Jewish mysticism
Traditional Jewish understanding directs that Kabbalah originated from Eden and was passed and preserved by the privileged few. The Talmudic Judaism offers records that reflect a proper protocol that confirms the teachings and concepts contained in the discipline. Other scholars suggest that different Jewish schools of esotericism began at different periods, so each came up with a reflection that not only incorporated earlier beliefs, but also the cultural milieu relevant for that period of time.

Linguistic mysticism
Kabbalah has also supported details in both Midrashic and Biblical teachings that God is the sole creator. This information was done in Hebrew language and later translated after incorporation into certain religious teachings by different communities. Jews believed that canonical texts and Torah were presented in encoded messages, which had several meanings. This relationship was broadened through different religions after the emergence of Kabbalah.

About the Kabbalah Centre
Kabbalah Centre is a not-for-profit organization that is based in Los Angeles, California. The organization offers both online and centre-based courses on Kabbalistic teachings and the Zohar. The Kabbalah Centre International was established by Philip Berg and his wife Karen Berg as a multi-ethnic international community.

The Kabbalah Centre was launched in the U.S. in 1965, then working as The National Research Kabbalah Institute. The organization later spread to other parts of the world like Israel, where similar beliefs were present from the ancient times and has since grown into a well-established community available in over fifty countries across the world.

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Thor Halvorssen Makes a Huge Impact for Human Rights

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More people are learning about human rights activists. This is thanks in large part to Thor Halvorssen who is making a lot of impact in the cause. He is helping raise more awareness to the different cultures where human rights violations are the norm. Thor Halvorssen is also involved in the exposure of countries that are engaged in unethical practices. He is quickly becoming the new face of human rights activism. Among the things he is doing is changing the image of human rights activists. He is becoming an example to follow for other activists. He is moving forward with great energy.

One thing that sets Thor Halvorssen apart from other human rights activists is that he shows a desire to get dirty and roughed up for the cause. While other activists just talk about issues, Thor Halvorssen is actually hands on about human rights issues. There are plenty of times when he has faced some of the issues that came from human rights violators. He himself was used as a punching bag. Even after all of this, Thor still maintains his resolve to continue fighting for the rights of others. He does not let anyone intimidate him.

Another thing that makes Thor stand out from others is the experience he has with human rights violations. He has a history with the issue in that his father has uncovered government corruption in his country and has been imprisoned. Another incident was his mother getting shot during a demonstration. This just adds fuel to the fire that burns his passion. Thor works towards a vision where people are treated equally in all parts of the world.

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The Anonymous Reviewer’s Take on Online Reviews

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The rise of mobile computing has allowed consumers to take a quick look at reviews for a local business before they visit. Yelp, Google, even Amazon allow for reviewers to voice their opinion on products and services. Today, the online review s holds as much weight as word of mouth. A study from searchengineisland.com found that nearly 88% of consumers look at online reviews before visiting a small business. According to a study illustrated by moz.com, 21.9% of reporters stated that one negative review could affect their desire to purchase from that business. An additional 22.3% reported that two negative reviews affected their decision. When it comes to a small business with a low overhead, losing up to 21.9% of business from a single negative review can be devastating. It’s why many small businesses look to online reputation management companies like ReputationDefender.  In an age where a consumer can look up an anonymous (and therefor protected) review in seconds, facts are brought to light concerning the importance of delivering exceptional customer service and quality products.

There are some positive aspects regarding online reviews. Reviewers online are protected by the anonymity provided through virtual communication. This anonymity allows the reviewer to be open in their opinions, which makes the readers feel a sense of trust towards the reviewer. The ugly part about online reviews is that a negative reviewer can exaggerate claims or blow aspects of their experience out of proportion; that extreme negativity is often just as trusted as a positive review, which can be devastating for business.


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The Perks of Using Skout

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Skout is a globally based platform that has been praised to be one of the fastest growing social apps that has been created. Skout has been specifically designed to bring people together from all parts of the world for the purpose of meeting new and diverse people who come from all over the world. The founders of Skout are happy of the hard work that has been put into this app and has every intention of increasing the number of users to be in the billions within the next five years. With over a 100 million users using this innovative app, the global app has attracted not only investors, but also individuals looking to find new people to talk to or hangout with. http://www.adweek.com/socialtimes/meet-new-friends-with-skout/537910

Skout has become one of the leading social apps that is used for the purpose of getting to know other people with a diverse background. Skout is an app that can be used on the mobile or even on a desktop that can be used for many different purposes. Skout can be used to meet and chat with new people, it can be used as a dating app, and the app can be used to make new friends by finding people with a common interest.

One of the best features of Skout is the fact that is has a vibrant community that is currently being used in over 180 different countries and even provides the app with over 16 different language options. People from all over the world can learn about other people’s interests, dislikes, as well as culture. Skout has been able to expand so quickly due to the fun icebreakers that Skout has also created that link people together based upon fun surveys.  https://www.androidpit.com/app/com.skout.android

One of features that makes Skout an addictive app to use is the shake feature. All one has to do is shake the app and this randomly selects an individual to talk to from another place in the world. After shaking the app, and a paired match can chat with each other and look at the profiles of each person. This new in addictive way of meeting new people breaks down barriers and the intimidation of meeting new people.