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Thor Halvorssen Makes a Huge Impact for Human Rights

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More people are learning about human rights activists. This is thanks in large part to Thor Halvorssen who is making a lot of impact in the cause. He is helping raise more awareness to the different cultures where human rights violations are the norm. Thor Halvorssen is also involved in the exposure of countries that are engaged in unethical practices. He is quickly becoming the new face of human rights activism. Among the things he is doing is changing the image of human rights activists. He is becoming an example to follow for other activists. He is moving forward with great energy.

One thing that sets Thor Halvorssen apart from other human rights activists is that he shows a desire to get dirty and roughed up for the cause. While other activists just talk about issues, Thor Halvorssen is actually hands on about human rights issues. There are plenty of times when he has faced some of the issues that came from human rights violators. He himself was used as a punching bag. Even after all of this, Thor still maintains his resolve to continue fighting for the rights of others. He does not let anyone intimidate him.

Another thing that makes Thor stand out from others is the experience he has with human rights violations. He has a history with the issue in that his father has uncovered government corruption in his country and has been imprisoned. Another incident was his mother getting shot during a demonstration. This just adds fuel to the fire that burns his passion. Thor works towards a vision where people are treated equally in all parts of the world.

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The Anonymous Reviewer’s Take on Online Reviews

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The rise of mobile computing has allowed consumers to take a quick look at reviews for a local business before they visit. Yelp, Google, even Amazon allow for reviewers to voice their opinion on products and services. Today, the online review s holds as much weight as word of mouth. A study from searchengineisland.com found that nearly 88% of consumers look at online reviews before visiting a small business. According to a study illustrated by moz.com, 21.9% of reporters stated that one negative review could affect their desire to purchase from that business. An additional 22.3% reported that two negative reviews affected their decision. When it comes to a small business with a low overhead, losing up to 21.9% of business from a single negative review can be devastating. It’s why many small businesses look to online reputation management companies like ReputationDefender.  In an age where a consumer can look up an anonymous (and therefor protected) review in seconds, facts are brought to light concerning the importance of delivering exceptional customer service and quality products.

There are some positive aspects regarding online reviews. Reviewers online are protected by the anonymity provided through virtual communication. This anonymity allows the reviewer to be open in their opinions, which makes the readers feel a sense of trust towards the reviewer. The ugly part about online reviews is that a negative reviewer can exaggerate claims or blow aspects of their experience out of proportion; that extreme negativity is often just as trusted as a positive review, which can be devastating for business.


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The Perks of Using Skout

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Skout is a globally based platform that has been praised to be one of the fastest growing social apps that has been created. Skout has been specifically designed to bring people together from all parts of the world for the purpose of meeting new and diverse people who come from all over the world. The founders of Skout are happy of the hard work that has been put into this app and has every intention of increasing the number of users to be in the billions within the next five years. With over a 100 million users using this innovative app, the global app has attracted not only investors, but also individuals looking to find new people to talk to or hangout with. http://www.adweek.com/socialtimes/meet-new-friends-with-skout/537910

Skout has become one of the leading social apps that is used for the purpose of getting to know other people with a diverse background. Skout is an app that can be used on the mobile or even on a desktop that can be used for many different purposes. Skout can be used to meet and chat with new people, it can be used as a dating app, and the app can be used to make new friends by finding people with a common interest.

One of the best features of Skout is the fact that is has a vibrant community that is currently being used in over 180 different countries and even provides the app with over 16 different language options. People from all over the world can learn about other people’s interests, dislikes, as well as culture. Skout has been able to expand so quickly due to the fun icebreakers that Skout has also created that link people together based upon fun surveys.  https://www.androidpit.com/app/com.skout.android

One of features that makes Skout an addictive app to use is the shake feature. All one has to do is shake the app and this randomly selects an individual to talk to from another place in the world. After shaking the app, and a paired match can chat with each other and look at the profiles of each person. This new in addictive way of meeting new people breaks down barriers and the intimidation of meeting new people.


Kate Hudson Gets Customers Excited about Fabletics in Marie Claire Interview

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Women are excited about the Fabletics brand. Hundreds of stores are opening, and people are taking the style quiz and signing up for subscriptions on the website. This is certain to make the founders of Fabletics very happy. Many entrepreneurs with this type of success might feel compelled to lay back and relax. They may be ready to just celebrate and lounge. Hudson has proven that she is not about sitting back and celebrating just yet. She still feels that she has more work to do, and she is telling people about Fabletics any time that she gets the chance to.

In a Marie Claire interview she talks about affordability for active wear. She also mentions the Fabletics swimwear line. There is even some talk about how the Fabletics brand has transitioned into an athleisure brand that can be worn outside of the gym. That is ideal for women that may leave the gym and go to grocery stores. Kate is excited about the brand, and that is something that has made other people excited about the brand as well.
Read more on: Kate Hudson Fabletics Interview 2016

When something new like Fabletics is introduced to the world, there has to be a level of excitement from the inside that reaches the consumers. People want to know why they will need to consider Fabletics over the other brands that are out there. Someone has to sway the consumer and focus their attention on the brand. Hudson has certainly become a person that is ready to do that.

Kate Hudson is putting her all into promoting Fabletics. She has appeared in the Fabletics commercials with that same sense of humor that has built her acting career. She has managed to give people a lot to think about when they see her on the website advertising the clothes.

There are a ton of people that are hyped up about the brand. The yoga pants are getting a lot of attention, and some people have even managed to wear these outfits to work. Kate Hudson has emphasized the high level of quality that is available with this brand. She has stated that Fabletics is a standout because the brand has mixed affordability and quality production together. This is a fusion that few organizations are able to reproduce. Hudson has taken the time to learn about clothing though. She has managed to find designers that have been able to pull together a design that focuses on flexible material that can stretch with ripping. The clothing designers at Fabletics have also managed to focus on style. 

Source: http://www.bustle.com/articles/152217-when-do-fabletics-dresses-come-out-shop-these-athleisure-styles-stat-photos

Andy Wirth: Mountain Man Ranger, Businessman, Honorary SEAL

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Andy Wirth has lots of experience as a back country ranger, including as a ranger in mortal trouble, with his arm laying beside him. His ranger training took over and he kept himself from bleeding out after severing his arm in a freak skydiving accident.

He remembers concentrating on Pearl Jam’s song, ‘Just Breathe’, as he used his good arm to pinch a gushing artery exposed from the other. Major surgery was required for him to save his arm, and the recovery period following was completely life changing for Wirth.

Part of his long-term physical and psychological therapy was becoming acquainted and then fast friends with the U.S. Navy SEALs team. The Navy SEALs are the top special forces warriors in the world. They are all people who are intimately familiar with many types of danger and trauma. Learn more about Andy Wirth: https://www.facebook.com/FriendsOfSquawValley/posts/10152191670133708

Wirth’s later recovery regime involved joining with a couple of his SEAL friends to train for the Ironman Triathlon. This work was most important to his full recovery and his team competing in the 2015 IRONMAN competition, which is held at Lake Tahoe, California. His team is called the “Special Warfare Warrior.” Wirth’s goal is to raise funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation, an organization that assists the whole families of Naval Special Warfare, including the SEALs themselves.

Andy Wirth is the CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, nearby Lake Tahoe. He ha had to step up as a strong leader to keep the resort respectable, in spite of a couple of bad years where it did not snow nearly enough.

He has also dealt expertly with a random attempt to incorporate the North Lake area of Lake Tahoe, which would have hurt many businesses and also reduced much needed services to elderly citizens in that area. Wirth has taken a stand against making major changes and increasing rampant development of the area. Learn more about Andy Wirth: https://www.crowdrise.com/wwsupport

Find out more about the incorporation issue in the Reno-Gazette Journal article, read about Andy Wirth being Appointed Chairman, and how Andy Wirth found a workable solution.

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Richard Blair Of Wealth Solutions Says Airbnb Is An Insurance Pitfall

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Think you may be a candidate for Airbnb? According to Richard Blair and his Wealth Solutions blog, you may want to review your homeowner’s insurance policy first. The blog post reveals a significant hindrance that many would-be hoteliers get blindsided by, like a lack of insurance liability coverage. Turns out, most of the well-known insurance companies do not cover short-term Airbnb rentals, and this fact is most assuredly listed in your liability coverage exclusions. Have you checked your homeowner policy conditions lately? It may be time to discuss your options with an insurance expert.

These conditions are applicable to the policy’s liability coverage, and it’s key if you need to make a claim. Yet, homeowners whom rent our their property under Airbnb guidelines typically must worry about certain perils like vandalism, theft, and accident coverage. What if you’re not covered. Those out-of-pocket expenses will probably become a hefty burden.

Another issue to consider is simply not informing your insurance company about your undercover hotelier venture.

Consider An Umbrella Policy

Wealth Solutions suggests getting umbrella coverage to provide important gap-filling conditions. An easy example of how this may work is when liability coverage does not include personal injury for a rental. In many cases, an umbrella policy will provide coverage.

Long Term Perspective

Start with some enthusiasm for building a nest egg, throw in some helpful tools and advice from a seasoned professional, and you’ve got yourself the recipe for Wealth Solutions, an all-inclusive financial planning firm. Brainchild of Richard Blair, the sentiment behind Wealth Solutions was to not only assist families in building their nest egg, but educating them in finance and investments.

“It’s not the end of the world if you’ve started late to save, of course the dilemma is time on your horizon is creeping up on you, so what you do next matters,” says Blair. Since 1993, this is where Richard Blair excels. After graduating college, Blair went directly into the finance industry, establishing Wealth Solutions just a year later. Today, he sets his sights on retirement planning, and even during turbulent times, Blair shows baby boomers how long-term commitment with Wealth Solutions pays off.

How Helane Morrison Is Bringing Forth A New Era In Business

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It is no secret that we women have had a tough time when it comes to our careers. The opportunities are not as abundant the higher you go. Let’s not even get started on the wage gap. It is truly ridiculous. It’s almost laughable.

Can we talk about this proverbial glass ceiling? Nevermind that, because it has all been said over and over. Let’s talk about when that ceiling gets shattered, making a way for the rest of us women to move through. Every time that happens it allows us the chance to really show what we can do.

One such glass breaker is Helane Morrison. With her career, you’d think she just strolled in. No, as easy as that sounds it was not. There was a lot of hard work, persistence, and diligence involved in her rise in the corporate world.

She started her career by being a law clerk at the US Court of Appeals for the 7th circuit. Moving on from there, she then started working with Supreme Court Justice, Harry A. Blackmun in 1985. This was a fortuitous job posting, seeing as Justice Blackmun was in support of women’s rights. Having a great mentor will help you go a long way, and that’s what happened here. Morrison grew to become impassioned over the issue of women’s rights, not just content to keep things status quo.

Let’s move forward a little in this tale. In 2008, there was a major financial collapse that affected the U.S. Who’s to blame? Looking left and right all you could see was pointing fingers. Come on, really? Something that big doesn’t just happen all of a sudden. The trust of the public was broken. Now enters one Helane Morrison.

She was relentless when it came to going after those who violated security laws, so much so that it became the main focus in her career. Her work was recognized and she was invited to work at the office of U.S. Securities and Exchange. She was so impressive, it led to her being the first woman to have the title of Head of Commission and Regional Director.

With the crash of 2008 as a driving force, Morrison began an approach that was viewed as unorthodox. It involved something that was missing before. Equality. How about that? Making changes both structurally and philosophically, she put her money where her mouth was. She even encourages non-work commitments to charities and transparency in fundraising.

Marc Sparks’ Fairytale Success Story

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In today’s very competitive world, average performance in school usually translates to average performance in life. So much emphasis is placed on good academic performance that usually the point of education is lost all together, for many people.

For Marc Sparks, however, average performance did nothing to dampen his morale. He not only managed to go beyond the average academic performance but also attained levels of success that even people with higher levels of education would envy.

Today, Marc Sparks is a source of inspiration for would be entrepreneurs on what to and what not to do to succeed in entrepreneurial world.  With a high school grade of C+, Marc Sparks refused to let the average grade limit his potential and instead started multiple businesses. The Dallas, Texas resident is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about what he does.

His book “They Can’t Eat You” (can be found on Amazon and GoodRead) shares his story of how he managed to curve his own path to success despite all the odds. He is also the founder and CEO of Timber Creek Capital LP, an equity firm that helps entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.

It assists them in creating the appropriate business structure for success such as office space, capital, accounting, graphic arts and anything else that a business needs in order to succeed.   Marc Sparks is also a venture capitalist and is forever on the search for promising entrepreneurs to invest in. Learn more: https://angel.co/marcsparks3 and http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1132595

Among the qualities that he looks for include exclusivity of services or products, current progress in terms of sales and the strategy that will efficiently and effectively employ the financial resources requested for. It is perhaps interesting to note that despite the various challenges and hurdles that he has had to go through himself in his struggle for success, he is more than willing to assist others succeed in their own business ventures.

His charitable nature does not end with financial success. Marc Sparks is also a philanthropist who participates in several humanitarian organizations such as The Samaritan Inn (which provides shelter for the homeless), the Habitat for Humanity among others – Marc Sparks: More Business Than Usual

According to a website (http://whoismarcsparks.com/), he is of the belief that if one is blessed with good fortune, they should share the same with the less fortunate as the more one has the more is expected of them.

However, with the right kind of attitude it is achievable. Success is something that should be shared and with a helping hand, anyone can achieve great heights of financial success.

Reina’s Talk Fusion changes video and email

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It’s no secret that videos have become a very popular method for communicating in today’s world. Today the Company Talk Fusion is largely responsible for this technological advance. Talk Fusion is in the video communication business. Today the company is responsible for video, broadcasting, conferencing and social networking products.

Talk Fusion itself is really quite simple. Just open and record a video using built-in computer Web cam or on a Flip camera. Open the Talk Fusion portal and upload the needed video. From their the video can be created and branded. A variety of templates are available to make the video more appealing. The video can be sent to just one individual or thousands of people if necessary. Perhaps the best feature of the technology is that videos remain stored on the Talk Fusion website.

Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion. Holding a degree in Criminology from the University of South Florida Reina is also a graduate of the police academy. His working career began as a full time police officer. He had a desire however for a revolutionary product in the he video email product world.

Reina was confident this feat was possible and with the help of an intelligent friend, he was able to perfect the idea. His creation was the beginning of Talk Fusion. This amazing technology continues to impact the email and video world to this day.

Learn more: http://blog.talkfusion.com/talk-fusion-gives-back-founder-ceo-bob-reinas-1-million-donation-continues-to-make-headlines/


Great Fashion and Beauty Rules to Break According to Doe Deere

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The Unconventional Doe Deere
Doe Deere is an unconventional founder and CEO. She is the owner of Lime Crime makeup. It is not often that the average CEO is seen with blue or rainbow colored hair. Her highly unique and uncommon wardrobe adds to her unconventional appearance. Unconventional is not necessarily a negative thing. These are a few of the extraordinary qualities that Doe Deere portrays. She is clearly a woman who beats to her own drum and style. She is remarkable and extraordinary because she is so beautifully unconventional.The Great Fashion and Beauty Rules to Break
Doe Deere has her own personal favorite fashion and beauty rules that she enjoys breaking. She does not believe that fashion and makeup rules are meant to be set in stone. She hold the belief that flexibility along with unique creative style may be the perfect touch to an image. Doe Deere is clearly a lady who enjoys her own creations. The great fashion and makeup rules that she breaks include the following:
* stay with specific occasion attire and outfits
* dressing your age is appropriate
* it is tacky to wear socks and open-toed shoes together
* mixing several patterns together is not acceptable
* mixing too many colors together is poor taste
* wearing bold lip colors and bold eye colors are unacceptable
* if your hair if unnaturally colored, you must stick with wearing blacks and neutrals
These are seven of Doe Deer’s favorite fashion and makeup rules that are great to break and bend.Suggestions Only
The fashion and beauty rules are not rules that everyone must abide by. They are simply suggestions and guidelines. Doe Deere loves to breaks them and create her own style. It is clear that her brand of makeup reflects this colorful CEO.A Little Background About Doe Deere
Doe Deere had actually been born in Russia. She did not grow up in Russia, she grew up in New York. She launched Lime Crime in the year 2008. She was able to create stunning and vibrant colors.