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Shafik Sachedina Has Utilized All Of His Skills To Succeed

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As a qualified practitioner of dental surgery, Shafik Sachedina came from a healthcare background. This background has served him well as he went on to co-found highly renowned healthcare and patient care provider Sussex Healthcare.

The Sussex Healthcare was founded alongside fellow co-founder Shiraz Boghani. The two respected businessmen are still the firm’s co-chairmen to date. Sussex Healthcare is an operation that specializes in patient care. Patients are cared for in care homes that the company owns. The types of patients that Sussex Healthcare specializes in range from elderly and disabled patients to those who have issues such as dementia or traumatic brain injury. Under the guidance of Shafik Sachedina, Sussex Healthcare has developed a first-rate reputation within the healthcare industry in England.

Shafik Sachedina is originally from the African nation of Tanzania. When he came to the United Kingdom, he studied dental surgery and earned his qualification in 1975. He worked in that trade for many years but eventually made the decision to take a chance and make a move into the world of healthcare entrepreneurship. It was during this time period that the beginnings of Sussex Healthcare occurred. Shafik had a great amount of help building the company from his colleague and fellow co-founder Shiraz Boghani. Shiraz was a hotel industry expert and he was able to use his unique skill set to help develop a company that has a real patient first attitude.

Shafik Sachedina is also known for his commitment to voluntary service. This is largely due to the influence of his Ismaili heritage. In his Ismaili community, voluntary service is integral and Shafik embraces this fact. He has served in roles such as Head of the Department of Jamati Institutions which does vital work within his community. Other activities include serving as a member with the Institute of Ismaili Studies. Shafik Sachedina’s philanthropic work also extends to work he has done as a member of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International. Shafik Sachedina also credits the values he has learned within his community as being critical in helping him to succeed in life. It is most certainly a huge influencing factor on his work in healthcare as well.

Academy Of Art University Attracts Students

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Kendall Long is a favorite on the show, Bachelor. She is one of the women that Amabile is interested in. He is spending lots of time in her state of California so that he can spend a lot of time with her.

When Kendall Long was younger, she attended the Academy of Art University. She used this schooling to hone her artistic skills and knowledge.

The Academy of Art University is school that takes a lot of pride in what they are able to do for their students. They give them quite a few concentrations to choose from. Since they are able to what it is they want to specialize in, they have a better edge on what they can accomplish when they attend the school.

At the Academy of Art University, students are expected to keep up with their grades. The teachers are knowledgeable and experienced. They give the coursework that they believe will allow their students to gain the most from what they are doing. The instructors expect that their students will apply themselves to the work that they have at hand. It is important to them that they help their students develop good skills with their art and also learn a lot.

The Academy of Art University is proud to offer this type of and education to the people that want it. They are a school that practices good teaching and respect for each other. Students are happy with the education that they receive from the school. Since they are able to gather a tremendous amount of information when they attend the school, they are happy with what they can accomplish when they attend the University.

If a person is interested in the school, they can look it up online. Their website is very informative, and a person will be able to decide if it is for them. Since they will be able to make an informed decision after they look over the website, they can discuss how much it will cost them to attend the University with the staff. Once they know how much, they can make their decision clearly.


Stream Cares, A New Foundation Doing Good

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Stream Energy has been involved in philanthropy for quite some time, but most recently the company launched a new, formal foundation. Stream Cares is a philanthropy foundation that was created with Hurricane Harvey victims in mind, though it will continue to benefit causes throughout the country. In fact, Stream Energy already has strong relationships with Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross. These efforts landed them a feature on Patch.com.

Stream Energy is a leading company in the phenomenon of a business launching a separate branch to carry out their philanthropy efforts. While this is a relatively new trend it seems to be working well for Stream. Stream’s business model is one of direct sales. Its associates work to build a client base and are then paid commission based on those sales. While clean energy is offered, they also offer other products and services such as mobile phones. Because Stream values charity, associates are also encouraged to pick and support a cause.

A cause that Stream and its associates are currently very involved with is homelessness. As the company is Dallas based, associates are in the center of the homeless epidemic in Texas. The 24% increase in homeless sparked a passion to partner with Hope Supply Co. With this company Stream works to provide relief for those in tough situations. Along with meals, diapers and school supplies are also given to homeless children.

Another example of just how important philanthropy is within Stream’s structure can be seen in their work with Operation Once in a Lifetime. Through this organization they support veterans and their families with various outreach events. Most recently a dinner was provided for these individuals, and an event was put on just for the daughters of some of these veteran families. Finding ways to give back has always been an integral part of Stream Energy.


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Malcolm CasSelle Helps Millions To Up Their Game

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Do you like playing online video games? I know I sure do. If you’re like me, you have probably traded items with other players at least once. This means that you have probably used a service from a company called OPSkins.

This seemingly simple and ubiquitous feature is not as simple as it seems. As with any exchange of goods or services, there is an essential need to ensure the security and reliability of the transfer itself. Often, players are exchanging items that they paid real money for, so these digital items represent a real monetary investment. As such, all transactions must be made secure and convenient much like a bank transfer or a Paypal exchange.

That’s where Malcolm CasSelle comes in. He is the inventor of the blockchain driven technology that makes in-game trading possible. Back in the 1980’s when we were all still plugging away on that 8-bit machine, there was absolutely no way to do anything like this. Even well into the 2000’s, online gaming was still mainly for PC gamers. As you may know, the first video game console to include a modem was the Sega Dreamcast, but you could not engage in real trade with real players in real time. We have definitely come a long way.

Malcolm CasSelle learned his craft at MIT, where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science. He also attended Stanford University where he attained a similar degree. Most people would be happy with one degree, but this man went ahead and doubled up because he wanted to be the best. But he still makes time for yoga and meditation.

In a recent interview with Ideamensch.com, Mr. CasSelle describes a disciplined and ascetic life involving a healthy diet and a spiritual regimen. He also goes on to describe how his work with OPSkins led to something much bigger. He recognized that the technology he had created to fulfill this niche purpose had the potential to become a worldwide decentralized marketplace. Certainly, the idea is exciting, and we can hope that Mr. CasSelle and his new company WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange) can succeed in this noble goal.

Find out more about Malcolm CasSelle: https://twitter.com/malcolmcasselle?lang=en

Paul Mampilly Improving Security With Blockchain Technology

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Keeping Identity Theft at Bay

Paul Mampilly believes that by using blockchain technology there can be a curtailment or complete eradication of identity theft. One way this can be accomplished is that persons using the blockchain technology would have their identity decentralized, which means that every transaction would be scattered in different computers throughout the world, which would all verify each of their transaction. In short, blockchain technology doesn’t have a localized or centralized database of information to break into, which is virtually impossible to break into by identity thieves.

Decades of Financial Accomplishments

When speaking of influential forces in the finance world, it would be difficult to leave out the influence of Paul Mampilly. He accomplished some incredible things in his twenty-odd years in financial circles. He was trained with an MBA from Fordham University in 1997. He immediately began work at Bankers Trust, and it was there he trained as an assistant portfolio manager. From Bankers Trust Paul Mampilly continued his career by being employed by several legal firms. Nearly a decade after he began his career on Wall Street he landed a job with Kinetics Asset Management, where he began managing a hedge fund for the $6B company. Who would have known that this early work would lead him to win the Templeton Foundation competition at the height of the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009? Winning such a championship in such a time of economic crises gives a real testimony to his abilities in the financial industry.

Helping Everyday People

Paul Mampilly realized that besides his desire to help the largest corporations on Wall Stree there was another desire he wanted to fulfill in his career, which was to work to help everyday people take hold of their financial goals and help them to accomplish them. As the chief editor for Banyan Publishing he contributes to several newsletters, especially Profits Unlimited, where he offers his well integrated financial wisdom from his twenty years in the industry. Paul Mampilly hopes that his tips and advice give others an advantage to grow and expand their hard earned money and secure their financial future.

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Graeme Holm introduces the personal banker approach

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Graeme Holm is a financial expert and an experienced banker. He is the founder and a director of a company known as Infinity Group Australia. He is classified as an MBA Top 100 Broker in Australia. For 17 years, he was working with different banks before he quit to establish this company.




Infinity Group is all about debt reduction and money management services. Since 2013, they have been offering these services to clients from all over Australia who are interested in securing their future with them.




Graeme Holm started this company so after witnessing the challenges that Australians were going through managing their finances. Through his experience in the banking sector, he observed that many people who were taking loans from the banks lacked basic knowledge of financial management and the banks were not willing to assist them with this.




As a result of lack of knowledge on funds management, many borrowers struggled with loan repayment. They were saving too little that could go into debt reduction. Borrowers took many years before completing loan payment. For instance, it takes up to 30 years for some people to complete a mortgage. This is an extended period considering that there are other responsibilities in life. Borrowers are subjected to paycheck to paycheck life against their will.




Graeme Holm did a research and found the lack of financial support and guidance to be the main cause of these challenges. He decided to create something that would solve the problems. He came up with the idea of Infinity Group Australia which would roll out a financial management approach that would prioritize the needs of the customers first.




Infinity Group Australia would take over financial management once the bank handed over the loan. The aim is to get the borrowers out of debt in the shortest time possible. Instead of paying principal amount plus interest for many years, there are steps one can take to save more that will go to loan repayment.




Graeme Holm introduced the idea of personal bankers. Each client is assigned a personal financial coach to help them plan their financial life. The personal banker is a financial expert who will monitor the budget of the client and recommend adjustments.




Infinity Group Australia operate on the premise that most of the things we spend money on are not necessary at all. These are things we can do without, but we tend to think they are necessary. The personal banker will create a monthly report of the spending one makes and recommend things one can do without.




The idea of personal banker can be compared to a personal gym trainer. It is easier to get the desired body shape when working with a trainer than when working out alone. The results can also be achieved quickly with gym trainer. This is the same case with a personal coach for financial needs. A personal banker will guide you in the right manner and ensure that every coin is used responsibly. Learn more : http://meetgraemeholm.com.au/

Why Investors and the Financial Industry Value Ted Bauman

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Ted Bauman has been so popular in Wall Street since 2013 when he joined Banyan Hill Publishing as the senior editor of 2 newsletters: Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert as well as his self-owned content, The Bauman Letter. Before he became an editor and a writer, he was a renowned fund manager in South Africa for over 25 years. He has not only been able to engage in several housing projects but has also been known to influence investment decisions through his experience.

His career journey

Ted Bauman has enjoyed working with several institutions across the world including the United Nations and the World Bank. He went to Cape Town University where he attained both his undergraduate and degree programs. In 2008, he went to the United States when he got a chance to work with the Habitat for Humanity as the director. He then left the organization in 2013 when he decided to join Banyan Hill Publishing. Because of his career as a financial researcher and an author, he has been able to tour more than 75 countries. Together with his father, Ted Bauman has been able to co-author a book among other writing journals he has written.

His perception of time management

Ted has always valued time and associates success with proper time management, and his routine tells it all. He always starts his workday immediately after he drops off his daughter at school. He immediately rushes to his office which is situated in his home basement; this enables him to utilize as much time as possible as he escapes the usual Atlanta traffic. Ted ensures that all challenging tasks are performed in the morning hours to avoid distractions which majorly come in the later part of the days. He also ensures that he maintains his schedule to ensure he manages most of his time.


Ted Bauman values investment and considers his innovative ideas key elements of success. He uses his narrative skills to write advisory contents which are engaging and informative. Due to his satisfactory relationship with readers, he has always ensured his ideas are profitable to all entrepreneurs.

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Cassio Audi One of the Most Successful Finance Professionals in Brazil

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Cassio Audi is one of the most accomplished finance professional in Brazil and has been active in the field for the last many years. With over two decades of experience in the financial sector, Cassio Audi has helped many financial institutions to achieve their business and commercial goals. One of the reasons why Cassio Audi has been able to make such great height of success in the field of finance is due to his interpersonal and communication skills. Few of the niches in which Cassio Audi is good are accounting, resource management, growth strategy development, Fund Raising, Modelling and Analysis, Controllership, decision support, and more.

Even though Cassio Audi is a financial executive presently, he was a passionate musician in the past. In the past, he was with a music band named Viper where he played the role of a drummer. The music band of Cassio Audi played fusion metal music that hugely became popular in the country. Cassio Audi in those times became one of the most talented drummers in the country. The band of Cassio Audi was heavily influenced by the many western metal bands, including Iron Maiden.

The good thing about the band of Cassio Audi was that it produced music that charmed the local population as well as the people in the west. Even though Cassio Audi is one of the leading finance professionals in Brazil, his love for music continues. Apart from drumming in his band, he also used to write lyrics and has written many songs for the band. Few of the famous songs of the Viper band are The Whipper, Wings of the Evil, Signs of the Night, Nightmares, and more. Cassio Audi performed along with his band across the country and also did many abroad tours. Many of his songs are still remembered today and loved by the people.

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Brazilian Property Development Company JHSF

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Known as one of Brazil’s most prominent real estate development companies, JHSF is located in the city of Sao Paulo, with other operations in the U.S. and Uruquay. Estimated to be worth more than $3 billion, the business specializes in investing in properties such as shopping centers, hotels, retail outlets and residential buildings. Since 2003, its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer has been Jose Auriemo Neto, who started working for the company in 1993 and later founded its services department by opening up a parking lot management division called Parkbem in 1997. He managed to secure partnership agreements with luxury brands such as Hermes, Jimmy Choo and Valentino, and featured those brands in the retail outlets he opened up in the Cidade Jadrim Shopping Center. JHSF was the first to own a Valentino store in Brazil.

Originally called JHS, JHSF was established in 1972 by brothers Fabio and Jose Roberto Auriemo, along with two other partners. By the year 1990, it was split into two different companies, and Fabio took over the real estate portion of it. This family business has had longevity due to the exceptional negotiating skills the owners have used throughout the decades. Real estate is a fast growing industry in the country of Brazil, and JHSF has managed to seek out some of the best investment opportunities when it comes to this field. Current CEO Jose Auriemo Neto attended Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University, where he majored in Business Administration and Engineering. He has been a member of the company’s Board of Executives since March of 2009.

In addition to investing in real estate ventures in Brazil, JHSF has also taken on projects in the U.S., one being on Fifth Avenue in New York. The business also developed a condominium in Punta del Este, Uruquay called Las Piedras.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Love For Helping The Less Fortunate

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Eric Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the world of business. He has taken part in the founding of a number of top companies in the U.S. Eric Lefkosky co-founded Light Bank, Echo Global Logistics, and Tempus just to mention a few. Other than soaring high in the corporate world, Eric Lefkofsky is famous for his philanthropic works across the globe.

Born in 1969, Eric Lefkofsky attended the Southfield-Lathrup High School and graduated in 1987. He joined the University of Michigan and earned honors in 1991. Two years later, he earned his Juris Doctor from the University’s Law School. Over the years, Eric Lefkofsky has grown his career where he has co-founded numerous firms and selling some of them.

Eric Lefkofsky is a man who loves giving back to the society and helping the less fortunate. Due to his philanthropic nature, Eric lefkofksy alongside his wife, Liz Lefkofsky founded the Lefkofksy Family Foundation. Started in 2006, the charitable trust is geared towards advancing high-impact initiatives that enhance the quality of human life in any community or group of people they serve in.

To achieve its goals, Lefkosky Family Foundation puts four key elements into consideration. One of the elements is providing quality education to the beneficiaries. The foundation also strives to propel medical research in communities where such services may be needed. Improving fundamental rights of women and children is also an issue Lefkofsky Family Foundation strives to address. Additionally, the foundation is also geared towards expanding cultural initiatives.

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is famous for its ability to deliver any goal that they set. In 2015, for instance, Liz and Eric Lefkofksy pledged $ 1.2 million to the University of Michigan. The money was donated for funding medical research, specifically to further the research on cancer and heart diseases. It will help in providing opportunities to students who research on curing cancer and stopping the menace once and for all.

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