Any person who occupies a leadership position in any organization is aware that it is through their skills, knowledge, and competence that the company will be able to achieve their goals and objectives. Peter Briger is aware that Fortress Investment Group depends on him so that it can be able to operate efficiently and effectively in a competitive industry that has forced a significant number of companies to close down their operations due to financial distress.

However, Peter Briger makes sure that Fortress Investment Group does not face the challenges that other organizations face in the industry. There are multiple challenges that vulnerable financial organizations experience, which not only limit their growth but limit their capacity to attract customers to the organization. Most of the companies that have experienced significant challenges have not been able to expand and have only remained dormant in a period where other organizations have been expanding exponentially.

One of the challenges that Peter Briger has been trying to minimize or eradicate in Fortress Investment Group is operational challenges. It is common knowledge that most of the organizations operating in the financial industry experience extreme operational problems, which has caused some of the organizations to experience severe losses. Most of the companies don’t have a clear chain of command or authority, especially the one that highlights the person in charge of making decisions and taking responsibilities.

It has been witnessed in most financial organizations, especially in small entities that most companies find it difficult to have a streamlined process that dictates how decisions should be made with the aim of enabling the company to move fast and keep in touch with other organizations in the same industry. Surprisingly, these small organizations have leadership that has not been able to help the organization to accomplish its goals.

Peter Briger has always ensured that decisions are made by the most appropriate person in the company. This makes it easy for the decision maker to be accountable and responsible for their choices. This strategy has helped Fortress Investment Group to be in a position of making quick and smart decisions that have enabled it to remain ahead of the pack.

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