Rocketship Education is a system that is designed to help kids succeed. It is an elementary education program that is designed to help students to succeed in all ways. It meets the child at their ability level and brings the child up to where they need to be. There are several ways that the program accomplishes this.


The teachers are able to identify exactly what the child needs and where the child is at in their journey of learning. They are precisely trained to handle the special level of education. They don’t treat each child the same. They are trained to understand that each child is unique and has their own way to get their needs met to learn for

Personalized Care

The curriculum isn’t a blanket solution for every child. It is designed to be catered to the child. The system is amazingly accurate in how it identifies each child’s talents, abilities and learning styles.

Engaged Parents

When parents are involved in their child’s education process, they will help them grow into the brightest person that they can become. They will catch up to where they should have been in their journey in education. You will be expected, as the parents to work with the system to help your child achieve their highest potential. It is an essential aspect of this program. Here are some of the programs used.

– After school program.

– Individualized programs

– Games for learning

When your child helps themselves by working with parents and excellent teachers that are trained to help them become their greatest in life. They can reach their ability through a natural course of learning and work, mixed with play and exploration to learn the very best for themselves. When your child takes that active learning role in their own education something magical happens. Your child will feel empowered and learn.