American Idol is a popular television series. For nearly a decade, the show dominated its time slot on television. For Fox, the show was a mega hit and cash cow that changed reality TV. It also helped to get live TV in front of an entire generation of new viewers. Add to this the fact that it served as a launching pad for a host of new, popular singers.

Ryan Seacrest had his hand in the mix of American Idol’s popularity. As an entrepreneur, award-winning, and icon in radio and cable television, he involves himself in a diverse mix of entertainment and media companies. His philanthropic efforts have also focused on youth initiatives. As such, he has made a nationwide impact.

On the radio, Ryan Seacrest hosts On Air with Ryan Seacrest. He also co-hosts and is the executive producer of Live with Kelly and Ryan. His philanthropic affiliations also include Chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and his involvement with Seacrest Studios that serve pediatric hospitals.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation enables pediatric patients to explore the world of new media, television, and radio. This type of activity can help in the healing process of patients. Families and children can benefit tremendously from the programs. Patients, students, in the program can also gain firsthand experience through an internship program and learn programming and how to operate a multimedia center.

There are well-documented instances of how “hope” can help heal the sick. A change in a person’s mindset can alter the brain’s neurochemistry. Hope can affect physiological processes that relate to motor function, circulation, and respiration as well. Radio show host Ryan Seacrest is a busy man. No doubt, he is on the move 24 hours a day. Ryan Seacrest is also riding the waves of his own popularity. A person in his social position can do a lot of good.

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