Antony Petrello currently works for the Nabors Industries as its chief executive officer. He has been holding the position since October 2011. The Nabor Industries is one of the branches of the Nabors Exchange co, which is a Canadian company. Mr. Petrello has been an employee of the company since 1991, and he once served as its chief operating officer. He was the deputy chairperson of the Nabors Industries Limited since 2003 to 2012, and the company appointed him in 2016 to serve as chairman.

Mr. Petrello has adequate knowledge and experience in carrying out various activities of the company since he has served it for several decades. Anthony Petrello’s leadership skills is one of the factors that made him be promoted to be CEO as soon as the position was vacant. Anthony has been an excellent administrator of the company since its share price has risen by 180 percent during his time in office. He has been associating well with various stakeholders of the enterprise, and therefore, has built healthy relationships with them. His interactions have facilitated the growth of the oil business. Petrello was the United States’ top paid CEO in 2013. The company raised his salary between 2012 and 2013 to make it $68.2 million.

The Nabors Industries CEO is also a generous person who has been giving back to the community by funding medical care for children. He is dedicated to ensuring that all children get the best health care. Antony has a daughter who suffers from a disorder, and this has been his driving force to assisting other people. Cindy, who is his wife, gave birth to their daughter when she was only 24 weeks pregnant. His daughter is called Carena, and at birth, she weighed less than a pound. The hearts of the couple were broken since they both had different plans for their child’s future. The girl is currently disabled, and she depends on someone else to feed and move. Petrello is an active person, and he opted to learn more about the neurological defect and also donate when he was able. Anthony Petrello and his wife have given approximately $7 million to the Texas Children Hospital and is also one of its trustees.

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