Christmas is always a special time for children. Most of them anticipate spending quality time with their parents and opening gifts. However, for children with guardians or parents in correction facilities, they find a difficult time to enjoy the holiday season. Many children never understand why they cannot be with their parents at such special time of the year. Taking them to correction facilities may raise more questions and result in a bad experience. Fortunately, Securus has introduced a new way for families to come together for the holiday season. It has achieved this through the introduction of a video visitation program.


Securus Technologies is a highly successful company that has centered its services in communication and technology. The company has its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded several decades ago to offer technology services to inmates in different parts of the country. The company recently announced that it would avail a new set of technology equipment. The technology would serve as an important part of communication. The technology was named Securus Video Visitation Program. It is a unique program that allows family members to visit their inmates through a video call feature. The program allows better communication between families during the festive season.


Apart from offering communication services in correction facilities, Securus has determined to improve investigations. The company has introduced several features that come with the video visitation program. It includes getting user id and photo when signing up for the program. The result is that many people that get to use the communication system have their information with the company. Securus also monitors the video visitation program. Anything that is said in the videos that could bring result in violence is usually noted.


One can access the video visitation technology by opening an account with the company. You can also make use of the company’s email system if you want. There is also the availability of a voicemail feature that comes with the program. The nature of flexible services that go with the company makes it possible to improve communication. Family members no longer have to worry about taking their children for long walks to correction facilities. I think that the video visitation program provided by the company is great. It seeks to improve family relationships and foster a better understanding between inmates and their families. More than one million people have benefited from the use of the communication facility.